CDC #376 – Forged In Fire – Results

Runner up this week goes out to rossoftheyear for this angel sword...

and this week's win goes out to,,,drum roll please...

Sam Heness!

This is a stunning piece of work and the level of detail is exceptional. Well done you! Your prize will be posted to the blog later this week. Please join me in congratulating Sam on a ell deserved win/

Big thanks to all who entered.


2 Responses to CDC #376 – Forged In Fire – Results

  1. The Atomic Punk says:

    @rossoftheyear: A very elegant design. My favorite from this challenge; however, it looks fragile. While the wielder would be able to strike decisively, the blade might snap at the guard. Well suited for ceremony or service recognition, not so much for combat. I would display one proudly.

    @Sam Heness: I love the space opera feel of the design. At a lower tech level, it would be “swords and sorcery.” I picture Marc Singer slinging this blade in a drive-in knockoff version of “John Carter of Mars.” The detail is exquisite.

    “Nigh,” growled the Barsoomian gemcutter, “this is no mere stone. This is amber from the Sapphire Forest of the Second Moon. A world long dead, stripped of all that is good in man’s mad pursuit of material possession. This will serve well to… correct such injustices.”

    @Calvary Red: Props to the sentai sword.

    Tip of the gas mask to Brons and Herr D.

  2. Herr D says:

    Thank you TAP; oldie but goodie.

    This winner IS a beauty. Good works, all.