Caption Contest #78

Hey guys, JR here, trying out something today. Depending on the turn out for this, I might bring back the caption contest as a regular post, but obviously that's down to you guys.

So, what I require of you is the best and funniest replacement dialogue for the word bubbles of this picture.

Caption Contest 165

Everyone can have a maximum of 3 entries, entries must be in by next Wednesday (14th Sept) and Must Be PG-13. Leave your replacement dialogue in the comments below.


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11 Responses to Caption Contest #78

  1. 1. B: You went undercover as a DRYCLEANER! What’s your REAL name? DT: Dick Tracy; sorry, Bats!
    2. B: WHAT do you call THIS?! Otherguy: Fabulous! Ow!
    3. B: Can you see me now? Other Guy: Ow! yes . . .

  2. BurnedSmackdown BurnedSmackdown

    1. Taste the rainbow!!!

    2. I’ve been eating my skittles!

    3. Even with rainbow colours. I’m. Still. Batman!

  3. Batman: I am the CAMP KNIGHT!
    Blokeman: Oh no! It’s the sixties all over again!

  4. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    B: “THAT’S for Alfred: he’ll never be able to rinse these colors out!”
    Other Guy: “Try Oxy Clean.”

  5. B: This punch in the mouth is brought to you by Fruit Stripe gum!
    OG: It’ll only hurt for two minutes.

  6. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    Batman: The power of Roy G. Biv compels you!
    Man: I feel the light.

    Batman: Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma…
    Man: Just knock me out already!

    Batman: I said “dry clean only!”
    Man: No refunds!

  7. Batman: Know where you’re headed for a 10-20 stretch?
    Thug: Prism?

    Batman: Tell me your boss’s name and I’ll stop.
    Thug: Roy G Biv

  8. Sorry, Atomic; I didn’t see your Roy G Biv joke before I posted. Great minds…

  9. 1. “Here I come to be so proud and gaaay!”
    “Oof! It’s Dainty Bat.”

  10. 2. “I am the Fashion Police. Penalty for your garish wardrobe?…A punch to the kisser.”
    “Oy! Are you kidding me?”

  11. 3. “Not only do I ‘come in like a rainbow’, but I’m as strong as one too.”
    “Hrff! You collide-a-dope!”