The List: Top 10 Characters I’d Like To See In An X-Men Live Action TV Show

Ok, so following on from the news that Marvel and Fox are going to be working together on an X-Men TV show, I thought "why not do a list about it?" Originally I was going to do a list of X-Men characters I want to see in upcoming X-Men films, but that can be a list for another day.

I will not be including any characters that have already appeared in the X-Men films, so you won't see Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler (even though he would probably be perfect for a TV show), Jean Grey et al. This is because I'm going to assume they are going to focus on less well-known characters in the show.

But with that, on with the list.

10. Sunfire

Ok, Sunfire. There are two ways I can see this guy being implemented into the show. First would be if they de-aged him and made him a younger hot-headed character, stubborn and hard to work with, as he was in his earliest appearances in the comics, and making him a second-generation Japanese immigrant. The second would be to make him an older, wiser leader figure, and just keeping him Japanese. Either way, his inclusion would give the series the more global and diverse feel that the films lacked. Plus, fire effects usually look pretty cool right.

9. Longshot

Well, first things first, the mullet has to go. It really does. So does whatever the hell that stupid thing he calls a hair cut that he has now. Just get some normal hair dude. But I digress. The only non-Mutant on this list, but that's easily changed, Longshot could quite easily be that guy who shows the main protagonist the ropes, be the leader of whatever underground group of mutants they join, the usual stuff. Get the right actor to play him and it could be gold. Or he could be the guy who turns up halfway through the season or at the start of the second season and becomes the fan-favourite. All I know is that someone with the power to affect probability is going to be cool on screen.

8. Forge

Another one for the diversity, but the main reason for including Forge is more to do with storylines. In the small synopsis for the series that has been released so far it is said that the government are hunting mutants. And what did Forge do when he was introduced in the comics? He made weapons for the government. Perfect link there. The government hire Forge to make a mutant tracking/ hunting devise, him not knowing what it's for and them not knowing he's a mutant. The truth on both sides is revealed and Forge becomes an ally to the main protagonists. Simple.

7. Marrow

Ok, she made a very minor cameo in Deadpool, but that was a cameo, so we'll roll with it. The idea here is to show a darker side to mutation, the more extreme effects that it can have on people (we'll get to another example later as well). The films have shied away from this, making everyone either very attractive, blue or both. Sure you have Nightcrawler and Beast who stand out from a crowd (we'll exclude Mystique there for obvious reasons), but can you think of any other mutants that couldn't pass for normal humans in the films. The tv show would be perfect for that and Marrow would provide a good doorway, especially if you follow the comics, where she starts out looking relatively normal but her mutation increases over time. It would be an excellent way of examining the effects of a physical mutation on how someone views themselves and how others view them, especially if you did it with a female character because obviously society puts a huge emphasis on a girls appearance.

6. Dust

Again, more diversity, because the X-Men are all about fighting against hatred. And there needs to be more positive representations of Muslim characters in the superhero mediums. So why not bring Dusk onto the small screen? Hell, we ain't getting a Kamala Khan tv show/ film anytime soon (as awesome as it would be), so give a less well known character a chance to shine. Her story is interesting and worth investing in because she not only has to deal with prejudices from being a mutant, but also because of her religion and trying to find peace between human and mutant as well as Middle East and West.

5. Caliban

Another one for the "guys you can spot in a crowd" group of mutants. Once again there are two very distinct ways you could use Caliban. You could have his original, more peaceful character from the Morlocks or you could have him post-Four Horsemen of Apocalypse (again explained as a further mutation). Either one could work, either one could be good. The bigger Caliban could be used as a villain as well, which could be worth considering. Depending on what storylines they go with they could use all of those ideas. There's quite a few possibilities here.

4. Husk

Ok, I always really liked Husk and I really like the idea of her mutation. I think it would be great to see on screen, provided they don't do the effects badly. It has the potential to be either really cool or really gross (or really laughable, but hopefully not). Also, bringing her family into the equation would add a whole extra dynamic, seen as she has quite a few siblings (including fellow X-men member Cannonball, whom she edges out on this list due to his powers being fairly generic) all of whom are mutants. We haven't really had a proper family dynamic like that in a superhero show, where the whole family has powers (it'd be like the Increadibles, and that'd be.... fantastic).

3. Mastermind

So obviously you can't use Magneto in the tv show if you're focusing on minor characters, so who do you make the main villain of the series? Mastermind has never been all that in the comics (Dark Phoenix saga not withstanding), he's more likely to be a henchman than the main antagonist, but a series focusing on lesser known characters may give him a chance to show his stuff, especially given his mind controlling powers. I know there is a possibility of him appearing in the films if they do the Dark Phoenix saga (again), but I'd rather him be on the small screen.

2. Northstar & Aurora

Two for the price of one. Again we have a family dynamic, but this pick is more based on the fact that they haven't appeared in the films yet (how?) and you're adding further to the outsider/ diversity element with the fact that Northstar is gay. Plus his backstory alone is worth putting on tv. Dude is a legit badass.

1. Jubilee

Ok, ok, ok. I know she makes cameos in pretty much every X-Men movie and is in Age Of Apocalypse for a bit (though not a major role and most of her scene were cut), but seriously, Jubilee could be a major character in the tv series if they were to go for it. And I don't want any of those "she's got lame powers". You try taking a firework to the face and tell me that it felt lame. Yes, Marvel have screwed her around  a lot in the last 10 years, but who haven't they. If you just stick to the basics, a mutant girl on the run from the law after finding out about her powers and living on the streets, you've got the basis down for even a main character slot (hell, they did it with Rogue). She can be funny, sassy, deep, anything you want really. She's one of the most recognisable lower-tier X-men and you can go crazy with the sfx for her powers. Plus, despite all the hate she gets, she's always been one of those X-Men that I just really like. And I'm the guy who doesn't like Wolverine and Nightcrawler is my favourite X-Man. So there you go, it's my list.

So, who do you want to see in the upcoming X-Men TV series. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

JR out.

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14 Responses to The List: Top 10 Characters I’d Like To See In An X-Men Live Action TV Show

  1. Kaldath says:

    I’d like to see Racheal Summers / Grey in the tv show. Ties the lesser known teams to the “Main” X-men seeing how she is the future daughter if Scott and Jean and has a portion of the pheonix force.

  2. Worf says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Kitty Pride. Too bad she’s way too tied up with the main team and has appeared in two movies (lame appearances but… :/)

  3. JR19759 says:

    @Kaldath- I’d imagine Rachael Summers could appear in the films, considering Cable is scheduled to be in the next Deadpool film. My only reservation is the time-travel element. The films continuity is already screwy enough, lets keep that away from the TV series.
    @Worf- I agree, I love Kitty Pride (although some of her costumes I don’t care for) and I’d love to see her as a major character in the TV show, but her involvement in the films is more than likely to over-rule that unfortunately.

  4. The Atomic Punk says:

    Some really good picks. To be honest, I was never much of an X-Men fan. I can recognize most characters and know a little about them in passing or appearances outside of the team.

    10. Sunfire – Hai! He was always one of my favorites. You mention how time travel might fudge with a TV series. Sunfire is the perfect candidate for this! He can be both the young hothead and the mutant elder through flashbacks and temporal rifts.

    9. Longshot – Nope, the mullet stays.

    8. Forge – I never quite understood his mutant power. Plus, Danny Trejo is a little long in the tooth.

    7. Marrow – Not familiar with her. I agree with exploring the psychological and social pitfalls of extreme mutation. “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” touched on this briefly with Raina.

    6. Dust – Not familiar with her. I think the “lack of diversity” among the X-Men comes from the fact that people already know that Wolverine is Canadian, Nightcrawler is Austrian, Storm is Kenyan, Cyclops is Russian, Gambit is Cajun… They’re just so used to the canon characters that they don’t think much of how other countries and cultures might look upon mutants. I mean, the fans get it but not-so-much the general public. Using little known or new characters could refresh the overriding X-Men theme of prejudice and tolerance.

    5. Caliban – Have no clue. I dig Option 2, though. Great potential for the side effects of absorbing psychic energy on one’s own stability.

    4. Husk – Messy but very cool. There is the issue of enemies scraping up her DNA for experiments and super-soldiers.

    3. Mastermind – Yes, give this guy a promotion!

    2. Northstar & Aurora – Northstar’s backstory could fill an entire season or two. He fits into the Marvel dynamic of reformed villain. Aurora’s split personality and unpredictably could jeopardize or salvage missions. Plus cameos from Alpha Flight.

    1. Jubilee – You read my mind.

  5. JR19759 says:

    @Atomic Punk- I know over in America you might feel differently, but mullets are not and have never been cool, sorry. Forge’s mutant power is to instantly understand technology (imagine that…. his power is god like). Technically Nightcrawler is German (from Bavaria, which is close to Austria granted, but still Germany) and it’s Colossus who is Russian, not Cyclops. And that’s something that annoyed me about the films, no-one except Alan Cumming even tried to make their characters anything other than American. Hugh Jackman used the same accent he always does when he’s not being his native Australian, the guy playing Colossus hardly spoke so we don’t know what accent he had if any and Halle Berry…. Hopefully the twins end up being properly French-Canadian, I must admit I didn’t think about Aurora’s propensity for near insanity, but it would be something interesting to work with if handled with care.
    Oh and can I just say, as much as I loved Alan Cumming’s Nightcrawler, I really want to see the awesome teenage Nightcrawler from X:Men Evolution in a live action show. Please. Nightcrawler in general deserves more than just two film appearances.

  6. The Atomic Punk says:


    Nope, the mullet stays.

    I know Forge’s power; but he’s basically a technomage created to be a topical not relatable character.

    Well, I just insulted by own Bavarian heritage at the same time. Memory isn’t what is because I have (somewhere) the Nightcrawler 1985-1986 solo series. I believe that he says that he is from Austria when asked by the alternate dimensioners. Point being that people tend to overlook the already diverse X-Men because they’re accustomed to the team dynamic. The TV series needs to have new blood.

    Mea culpa, I did mean Colossus. I’m posting from work and the phone keeps ringing. Yes, the lack of accents in the movies makes the X-men rather vanilla. Which is probably why Nightcrawler has one. To make him even more… mutant-y?

    A young Nightcrawler would be a strong lead for the TV series. His role would be as recruiter and mentor. He and Longshot could provide a bit of comic relief messing with each other’s coifs.

  7. Jake says:

    Mullets are gross, but some characters can pull them off if they’re just that badass. See Brock Sampson and Solid Snake. It’s such a “this is not cool” thing that it wraps back around.

    I’ve wanted X-men to play up the internationalism of the cast more as well. That was always something I enjoyed about the concept, that anyone on the planet can be a mutant. New Storm I thought did a great job with displaying this, even if she didn’t get much screen time.

    I haven’t read enough X-men comics to really go into your selections, but they seem solid. I’d honestly be cool if the cast was comprised of the characters during the prologue of Days of Future Past. That was such a cool, creative scene and I would have loved to learn about those characters. You could probably recast most of them if need be since I doubt people would mind that much.

  8. William Peterson says:

    The Mullet stays… Without the Mullet, there is nothing to distinguish Longshot from everyone else! If you can’t deal with the mullet, leave Longshot out of the whole mess….
    I kind of like your ideas for Sunfire, but mostly, I hate Sunfire. Oh, goody, a Human Torch clone who wears Imperial Japanese colors, and whines about being a mutant. Why isn’t this guy a villain, instead, maybe helping out the Silver Samurai? Yeesh…
    Everybody from Forge {“Oh, Look, it’s Tony Stark, except he gets to whine about being a Mutant! Don’t you just LOVE people whining about stuff?”} through the Terrible Team-up of Northstar and Aurora {Look! One’s a Split-Personality psycho! The other’s a full-blown terrorist! And these are the good guys?}, I can do entirely without…
    Jubilee, despite having the lamest explanation for her powers, is actually pretty cool, just so long as we can completely forget her association with Wolverine (the Man who only likes Teenage Girls and Red-haired women already married to one of his teammates…).

    If, somehow, these are really the best Characters Marvel has left (and I don’t believe that fo a minute), then Marvel is doomed.

  9. JR19759 says:

    @William Peterson- Yeah, because whining about being discriminated against is really bad isn’t it…
    And these are only characters I’d like to see in the TV show that I don’t think will play major roles in any upcoming X-Men based films (with the possible exception of Mastermind). There are characters like X-23, Cable, Domino that I’d much rather see, but they’re more likely to appear in the next Wolverine film or with Deadpool (Cable being the obvious one there), or there are characters that I don’t think have been done very well in the films but I’ve left them off because they play noticeable roles in the films, such as Angel, Kitty Pryde, Colossus (that list could go on for a while). It’s entirely possible that the TV show could feature major characters that have been in the films, even focus on some of the more well known X-Men. These are just my picks for less known characters that I like.
    Here’s a question, who would YOU like to see in the TV show, excluding those characters that have been in the films for more than one scene and obviously my picks.

  10. DiCicatriz says:

    For some reason I don’t see a lot of the well-known names being explored in this TV series, they might stick with more of the underground-Morlocky people. Maybe even some of the younger lesser known X-Kids from recent years. Also probably mostly people with easy powers to film at first.

    Morlocks you have plenty to choose from: Callisto (a well-done Callisto would be awesome), Marrow & Caliban (who you covered), Artie, Tommy (the 2D girl!), Berzerker, Angel Dust. Masque could easily be a villain, with a nice and visually gruesome powerset.

    The X-Kids have a few good options too: Anole (get some LGBT representation and he’s an obvious physical mutation to boot), Surge, Prodigy (super easy powerset to film), Hellion (cocky good-looking jock-type, every team needs one), Mercury, the Stepford-Cuckoos, Loa, Indra, Gentle, etc.

    Hell a few of the more interesting old Gen Xers might work too. Chamber always had an interesting look and powerset, M would be badass, Skin for that Latino demographic, maybe even Penance (with a less convoluted origin story). Anybody remember Maggott? Haha

  11. JR19759 says:

    @DiCicatriz- Funny, I honestly considered putting Maggott on the list. 😉
    But being serious, I agree, and a lot of the characters you’ve mentioned would work. I’d love to see characters like Hellion, Mercury, Chamber and M show up. I would be willing to bet that we won’t have to wait long to see the Stepford-Cuckoos either way, because I would not be surprised if they turned up in the next main X-men film.
    Oh, and I knew that an X-men list would bring you out of hiding. 😉

  12. Tony Garland says:

    Personally I want to see Mimic strong man more of colossus night crawler the hell fire club x 23 saberclaw polaris and magik it could bring a larger story of colossus and his sister magik what do you guys think

  13. William Peterson says:

    Actually, YES, whining about being discriminated against IS pretty bad!
    DOING something about it, both works a lot better, AND is a lot less annoying!
    The X-Men are supposed to represent Dr. King’s approach, while the ever-popular “Brotherhood of Evil Mutants” (great choice of names, isn’t it?) is supposed to represent the early views of Malcolm X.
    And, yes, I fully agree, being discriminated against SUCKS, and we really shouldn’t do it anymore…
    Yet, here we are, over 50 years later, and it still goes on. {Sigh!}
    I deliberately refrained from trying to pick my own list of characters because it’s been over 5 years since I picked up an issue of X-Men (or of most other comics), and I really don’t KNOW these characters any more. They killed Kitty, then made her headmaster of the school? {She was one of my favorites from very early on, so that one kind of rocked me more than most} And I’m sure there are lots of other changes, mostly random, mostly nonsensical, most of which were introduced without much thought by one creative team, only to be swept away by the next one..
    I don’t know a THING about most of the characters you mention . Most of the characters that I do remember, from the Claremont era, seem to be gone, or dismissed as ‘too mainstream’.
    Every member of Jean Grey’s family is dead, so is Professor X (this week, at east), Cyclops killed him, and…
    I could go on, but I need to watch my Blood pressure.
    I WOULD leave the Stepford cuckoos out of it. Not that I don’t like them (kind of), but do you REALLY want to explain their backstory to a TV audience? 😀
    “Oh, right, the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, who used to make Ivanka Trump look modest, was a Supervillain who ran an evil version of the Xavier academy, but now she’s a good and trusted member of the X-Men, who’s got three teen-aged clones running around…”
    My knowledge of them starts to fade from there, though I could Wiki them, I’m sure…
    Now, ask Joe Six-pack to do the same, and his eyes are going to glaze over, even before you introduce Ilyana Rasputin and Danielle Moonstar (are either of them still alive, at the moment?)…

  14. Drinkfluid says:


    Also, the name Dust makes me think of Undertale’s Genocide Route (look it up). I like Undertale.