Friday Night Fights: Quarter Finals

Ok guys, the qualifying round is over. Unfortunately that means we have to say good bye to one of our competitors. I am a bit surprised that it was Lef who went out in the first round, and you guys are really missing out on some of his pics from the later rounds, but you voted him out. Lef, you can now post all of your entries online if you so wish, show everyone what they're missing.

But anyway, now that the qualifying round is out of the way, we can get down to business. Now, each of our competitors are randomly paired up and go head to head. Each match is decided by poll, with the person who gets the highest votes in each pair moving on to the next round, until we have a winner. And the brackets are thus:

FNF Elimination Bracket

You can find the polls for each match below the jump, along with each of this rounds entries. Good luck to all of our competitors, with the exception of MLS (joke obviously).

JR out.

Quarter Final 1: Demigod vs. Vectorman 316

Demigod- Warrior Of The North

Demigod- Warrior of the North- Fantasy

Vectorman316- Griffin Knight


Quarter Final 2: djuby vs. Linea24

djuby- Red Priestess


Linea24- Zarah Virsa

Linea24-Zarah Virsa-Fantasy

Quarter Final 3: Jinn vs. Vampyrist

Jinn- Isa


Vampyrist- Jared Karkarran


Quarter Final 4: JR19759 vs. MLS

JR19759- Alyra

JR19759 Alyra (Fantasy)

MLS- Olga Thunderaxe

MLS-Olga Thunderaxe-Fantasy


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