Pop Quiz…well not really.


As most of you know, Kaldath has been going through some health issues of late. Because he contributes soooooo much to this site, I thought it might be good if we let him know how much we appreciate and care about him.

So instead of a pop quiz this week, let's use Heromachine to let him know we are thinking about him.

So your "non-pop quiz" challenge this week is to create a get well card for Kaldath. On Monday at noon I will email the link to both Kaldath and his sister. Lets show some love and send some positive vibes his way.



11 Responses to Pop Quiz…well not really.

  1. keric says:

    I thought that Kald’s sister might like something printable, so that he could see our “cards” while he is laid up
    Hope he likes it!

    I sortta already did it! (WOW, foresight!)

  2. The Atomic Punk says:

    Hope to hear from you soon, Kaldath.

    @DiCicatriz: That card is epic!

  3. Kaldath says:

    I am here reading, just not feeling up to replying

  4. djuby says:

    Tons of love and positive thoughts going out to you.

    I am here reading, just not feeling up to replying

  5. melmo44 says:


    Sending all good thoughts your way for a quick recovery!