HM3: Right in the Kisser!


I was going to do a poll on mouths earlier, but instead I just started making them. Here is a selection fit for the upcoming Halloween celebration. You can find them all in Mouth/Standard.

8 Responses to HM3: Right in the Kisser!

  1. Brings a smile to my face seeing new toys to play with. Thanks and cheers!

  2. I can promise you my smile looks NOTHING like those. Thanx!

  3. Will there be more eyes and noses, or maybe even some more mouths?

  4. I can’t make any specific promises, but if you post suggestions in my Whiz Bang Item Dispenser thread in the forums there’s a chance I’ll add it to my list. The more detailed the suggestion the better. Pictures are a big plus. Just ask, ams. He is about to get one of his suggestions made into an asset.

  5. Oh yeah! Can’t wait……Don’t know what it is…..but can’t wait!!!

  6. The mystery will be revealed within the week!

  7. Well, the week ends on Sunday…

  8. dreadyacht:
    Well, the week ends on Sunday…

    The mystery has already been revealed in the forums.