HM3: Boots, Belts, and Badashery

Moar as promised.

Some prize winners from the past. Vectorman316's prize request was the boots. These can be found in FootRight/MaleTech and Legwear/Kneepads. And Yautja's prize request was the belt/suspenders/pouch which can be found in Belt/Military.

I hope you don't mind but I got really swoll so I could model these items properly.


3 Responses to HM3: Boots, Belts, and Badashery

  1. Avatar Hammerknight

    Very cool. I like the grenades on the belt, they go nicely with the M230 in the weapons. If you are going all out, you might as well accessorize.

  2. Awesome, thanks!

  3. No problem, Yautja. I should have put these items in a long time ago. 🙂