X-Mas in Summer?! Erm, well ... something like that. I was bored and so I added "a few" new items to the 'machine.


And now enjoy - that's an order! 😉
(As usual it's strongly recommended to clear your browser cache to see the new items ...)

About Mad Jack

Native of Luxembourg living in Bavaria (near Munich) for more than three decades now. OY VEY!

22 Responses to HOHOHO! MERRY CHR…. WAIT! WHAT?!

  1. JR19759 says:

    Thank you Santa Jack (Or is it Mad Claus?)
    I can certainly see those splatter patterns being used a lot.

  2. Ximero says:

    Dat splatter :3 And the vortex effects are gorgeous! And everything, really, is just wonderful! Herzlichen Dank! 🙂

  3. djuby says:

    Amazing! Thanks for all this!

  4. Yautja says:


  5. Lef says:

    Sorry to say this..but I wish you were bored more often 😉

  6. Hammerknight says:

    Looks great, thanks.

  7. FnyFny says:

    OH MY GOD!!
    It is great!!!

  8. FnyFny says:

    Mmm…Do not count this impudence …
    But I would like to see the update in the tops-tech, I would like to see more jackets.
    And weapons …
    I see these updates later

  9. AFDStudios says:

    Great work, Mad Jack, thank you so much!

  10. Herr D says:

    Santa Jack! Wooohoohoohooooooooooooooo! [resists effort to squeeze cheeks like a granddad] You just fight being bored this way anytime you choose!

  11. Skoul says:

    Yay! New toys! Thank you Father Jackmas! Merry Jackmas to all!

  12. Vectorman316 says:

    I’d could kiss you, but I accept these gifts instead!

    Seriously, you’re awesome, Mad Jackington 😀

  13. Maverick1313. says:

    Yay more stuff!

  14. The Atomic Punk says:

    Vielen Dank! Love the Kirby-esque Headgear. Those Insignias can also double as Backgrounds!

  15. arnatuil says:

    Have I told you this month that I love you?
    Because I do…

    Hey Mr. Bearface, I’m talking to you!

  16. CantDraw says:


    Sean Connery:

  17. Lordgrimm01 says:

    yyyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhh Thank you Mad Jack

  18. dblade says:

    Nicely done, Mad Jack! The splatters are especially welcome.

  19. Moshpants says:

    You know what you should add next? Arm hair (as “gloves”) and chest hair (as “insignias”). From a little spruce to a full-on man-mane. It’ll go well with the excellent selection of beards that are already included 😀

  20. Ubiquitous Pixel says:

    I can’t see the helmets :(. Any advice?

  21. CKnap says:

    Awesome mad jack! Love the head gear and the spider symbols are sweet!
    I got a request if you plan on getting bored again, a new animal head. Iv been looking for a Jackel, (Trying to make an Anubis Character!)

  22. ams says:

    Thanks, Madjack for all these Kick-@$$ items! May you live in really boring times!