Character Of the Week……?

You know, it's an odd feeling when you're happy that you've got a group of people doing their absolute best to make life difficult for you. Because that's how I felt deciding this weeks COTW. Honestly. Just to give you an insight into how I do this post, on Thursday evening I sit down and go through all of the galleries that have been posted on in the forums from the week and open up all the pictures that I could do in new tabs, so I can just click through and compare them (plus then I can just copy the link into the Add Media box for the picture). Not including this tab, I've got 10 tabs open at the moment, each containing a COTW worthy picture. How am I meant to decide?

I mean, at the moment I'm so torn. Just looking through them all you've got the amazing block lighting from Yautja's FireAnt character which is just staggering and complements the flat, earthy colours of the costume so well. But then you've got Candruth with her standard, high, high standard in shading and attention to detail (just look at the reflection of the character in the blades). But then AMS comes along with some truly stunning shading of his own, plus some crazy body shaping and gorgeous water effects. And then we have Ubiquitous Pixel with one of the most intense action poses I've seen done in Heromachine. You've got cool costuming from Funkmachine and Son4, great shading from Linea and Anarchangel and horrifying creepiness from Lull-carae. Plus Jeimuzu seems intent on making me quit heromachine by being just too awesome to handle. So who do I choose?

*A long, long time later*

Dammit you lot why do you have to be sooo good.

I have reached a decision. Even though there's only one of me, the vote wasn't unanimous, but we're gonna go with it. I'm gonna say this weeks COTW is Spirit Of Spartacus by Ubiquitous Pixel. The chest may look a little odd and it might be a bit rougher round the edges than some of the other candidates, but I dunno, even amongst such distinguished company, this was the one I kept coming back to.

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