HM3: Knee High and Fancy Free (Contest Prizes!)

Whiz Bang is clearing out the contest prizes!

We have...

T-shirts for Cliff (Tops/MaleStandard set).

Space Marine Torso Armor for Nug (Tops/MaleTech set).

Knee High Converse Shoes for Anarchangel (FootRight/Female set).

And now a unnecessarily colored preview image! Because Whiz Bang cares!



5 Responses to HM3: Knee High and Fancy Free (Contest Prizes!)

  1. dblade! You are one of the most awesome dudes there is!
    I can’t wait to use BOTH shirts
    and the Converse boots are perfect for Broken, a character in my Haunted story.

    Thanks so much fo all you do!

  2. Love the new items! Thanks dblade!

  3. Thanks again, Dblade! I got a WIP using that torso as soon as it went live. Its gonna take me forever cause of the squigglys and whatnot, but hopefully its gonna be good!

  4. Whee! Thanks, man!

  5. Got arrested when I wore that outfit. No pants!