Character Of The Week: Stulte- Spirit 11

I'm kinda bending my own rules here this week, because I said that I wouldn't be featuring any entries for the Character Design Contests. However, considering that this one was entered for a contest during the Forum down time and Stulte has only just got round to posting it, plus it's only one of six parts that made up his entry, I think I can get away with it. Anyway.

Ok so, I can't really talk about much here, because this is so simple, but it looks so good. This is a perfect example of what you can do with just two items and some colour blending, because all it is is some wings and a tail. I love the warm vibrancy that the golds and oranges bring to the piece and the fact that the line colour is lighter than any of the filler colours exaggerates that, making them look deeper and even more inviting. And the fact that the centre is covers by a glow masking where all the items meet adds a sheen to it, makes it look neat and professional, as if all the parts where made to make up the whole rather than the whole made to fit the parts. So yeah, good job on this one dude.

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2 Responses to Character Of The Week: Stulte- Spirit 11

  1. Herr D says:

    [squinting, adds sunglasses modified for screening five eyes, turns away removing them]

    Absolutely beautiful work. Okay. I can’t find the Firecoconuts! Awh, MAN, do I miss those! –I’m obviously just craving something spicy . . . [sounds of suckers climbing wall to refrigerator dripping frozen seawater . . . ]

    [ . . . almost obscene slurping noises, belch]

    Stulte? You draw any plankton salads recently? I AM on a diet . . .

  2. Stulte says:

    Oh, this was unexpected 😀
    Thanks a lot for the nod! I had a real hard time getting the colours right before I realized that I could go to Custom Colors. A lot easier to get vibrant yellows and oranges there, but I keep forgetting it’s even an option.