Whiz Bang Prize Update (Backwards Bending Robot Leg)

So I'm working on Extremely Epic's backward bending robot leg prize. This one will take a bit more time than usual. Thought I would share a working draft of the "foot" section. Ultimately the complete leg will be three separate pieces.

"Why not wait until you have completed all three sections before posting an update?" you may ask. I guess I'm feeling kind of lonely without the warm welcoming embrace of the forums.




9 Responses to Whiz Bang Prize Update (Backwards Bending Robot Leg)

  1. DiCicatriz says:

    Very nice work! Five toes, huh? I guess giant mechanized death machines and human beings aren’t so different after all.

  2. JR19759 says:

    Looks awesome dude, can’t wait for it to be completed.
    I think I’ll join you in the “missing the forums”. I mean deviantart’s ok, but it’s not home, if you catch my drift. Yeah, we’ve got the heromachine group over there, but I miss the forums, all the guys there who aren’t on DvA, like Jeimuzu, Nug, Stulte & DiCiatriz and I miss the banter. I still check in around 10 times a day, hoping that something might have happened, I think I’m getting withdrawal symptoms or something. I mean I was unable to get on the internet for a full week before the forums went down, so I’ve still got all that to catch up on. I’m not gonna pretend I understand any of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on with the program, but I understand fixing things takes time, so if either Jeff or Ben read this, don’t feel I’m moaning or trying to put pressure on you guys, you do a great job anyway, but I do wish something would happen, maybe a quick update on the situation. Please *Puppy Dog Eyes*

  3. CKnap says:

    Looks awesome dblade! Got a little confused when I read leg and saw a foot, then I finished reading. Glad your still busy working away dblade, im always coming by and checking for new work and items!

  4. ams says:

    Nice! I already see a 3/4 turn chest plate if the you mask out the toes. Thx!

  5. Herr D says:

    [eleven tentacles reach out to hug eleven different members, turning suckers out] Group hug!

  6. Herr D says:

    . . . and yeah, good work; I see a fighter jet if you squoosh it a bit.

  7. fyrefly says:

    No CDC this week???

  8. JR19759 says:

    @fyrefly- Nope, sorry about that. Turns out, I’m an idiot and by the time I realised I’d forgotten to post it, it was Wednesday and I didn’t think it would be fair to just give people 4 days, so we won’t have one this week. There will be one next Monday though.

  9. TOOL says:

    Very cool, I can see where it is going with this idea. Love the detail.