HeroMachine – Site Upgrade in Progress

Hey, folks!

We've moved HeroMachine.com to it's snazzy new server. Most things are up and functional, but we're still encountering a few bugs, specifically:

  • logging into the forums is problematic
  • some premium content may be unavailable

We're working overtime to correct these bugs, and we'll let you know when they're fixed.

If you're having any other issues with the site, please comment on this post.

Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience!

- Ben

19 Responses to HeroMachine – Site Upgrade in Progress

  1. I’ll be a Grammar Nazi for the time being: the possessive is “its” and not “it’s”.

  2. Well, I was able to log into the Forum, but I have no permission to create posts there… πŸ™

  3. Well, I was able to log into the Forum, but I have no permission to create posts there… πŸ™

  4. If we really must be Grammar Nazis, Quark, I’ll point out that the period in your sentence should’ve gone inside the closing quote, not outside it. πŸ˜‰

  5. *sigh*

  6. Just wanted to let people know that due to being unable to log into the blog ( or the forums ) That it is unlikely that I will be doing a caption contest this week, so expect the new caption contest to be next week and if things work out as planned the first Anime Talk Video also!

  7. I’m not able to get in to the Forums at all either. Is the move more to save money or get features, if you don’t mind my asking?

  8. To increase the site speed and lessen downtime. Once we get past this hump (and we’re working on it as we speak), you should notice a significant speed increase on the site.

    We’re also going to be rebuilding it on the backend over the next while, and then deploying another faster, better upgrade. The next upgrade will be tested on the new server extensively before launching β€” the issues we’re encountering now were ones we couldn’t test before moving to our new server.

  9. Thanks Benn. It already seems significantly faster.

  10. Issues with logging in so any official announcements of new items will be delayed until the site is fully functional and ready to destroy that pesky Alderan.

  11. I thought things were moving smoother.

  12. Obviously, I’m also not able to log on so this weeks Sharing Day will be up when ever everything is sorted out.

  13. JR and other authorial folks, you ought to be able to log in and make posts and comment replies, no? I’m in the admin interface now and doing so, though just for the blog side and not the forums (http://www.heromachine.com/blog/wp-admin).

  14. @Jeff- Yup that works. Either way, my stuff’s gonna have to wait, ’cause it’s 11pm for me, so I don’t think my house mates or neighbours will appreciate me recording the video for the Sharing Day at this time of night. Oh well, at least I know I can get on there if there’s a problem with the log on some other time.

  15. If I go to the Log in Link in the sidebar to log into my account, it does not let me log in and thus unable to access the dashboard. And the link to the admin area seems to be missing, however when I click on the link you provided above I am indeed able to access the dashboard as if I logged in like normal. I have now bookmarked the link.

  16. Hey Jeff, the link does work, but the signed in status does not translate to the forum pages. I’m sure it is just a matter of time. Thanks for everything.

  17. Right, forums aren’t working. Blog stuff should be. Sorry that wasn’t clear.

  18. Sure, you can’t do anything, but you can not do it so much FASTER than on the old site!

  19. Hey, this time I was able to get TO the forums, just not to log in yet. Thanks for the work you’re doing, and I look forward to blurring along soon.