Due to some recent events I will be adding a new rule to the forums and this blog which is as follows:

No Plagiarism: Anyone who is found to have copied another community members artwork or writings from the stories section of the forum without providing proper credit to the original artist/writer ( preferably with the permission of said artist/writer ) will be banned from using the forum or posting comments to the blog.


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5 Responses to NEW RULE!

  1. Avatar Keric says:

    Wow!!! I Would not think that this rule would NEED to be said on HM, But I guess that is because most HM’ers have not broken it! (I do not know what caused this, and I do not want to know!)

  2. hawk007 hawk007 says:

    Yes! Thank you! I thought this already way a rule. Though I do have a question. What if you see something, like a good, unique idea for a weapon on someone’s character that you really like. Can you use it if you give credit? Also, what if it’s that situation, but you forgot who made it? I haven’t done this, I’m just asking.

  3. Kaldath Kaldath says:

    I am not going to go crazy and study every image for tiny similarities to other characters, such as identical weapons, but when I see complete illustrations with no, or very little changes from someone else’s art like what happened to cause me to write this rule then there will be trouble.

  4. Avatar Herr D says:

    I would suggest using OCD or open threads for inquiring who did something that you wish to ‘borrow.’ Or put the word out through PM that you’re looking?

    I am pleased that people were assuming it was against the rules. I was raised to believe that people should be too ashamed to steal even if the rules aren’t clear. (Becoming an artist, I quickly learned that there are ways and means to make certain types of theft okay, like parody, flattery, request, and outright begging . . . )

  5. Avatar skybandit says:

    Sad that this has to even be mentioned. Hopefully, whatever caused this hubbub was a one-time thing.