Kaldath’s Caption Contest #25 – Results

Last week I asked you to give me your best replacement dialogue for the following image:



Of all the entries these are my top five:

Joker: “Aquabats” are a JOKE, fish-head!”
Aquaman: “Cthu-OOF!!”

Joker: “Let’s see you use fish to defend against THIS!

Aqua-man: “Touche”

Joker: ”Nice PLAICE you got here. Kinda small SCALE though.”
Aquaman:”All I ever get are fish pun- YOW!”
Herr D:
Joker: Guess my favorite vowel!
Aquaman: Ohhhhhh!
Joker: What a joke, I cannot believe you have TWO ongoing titles now.
Aquaman: Neither….can……I.
And the winner is …………………………………..

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5 Responses to Kaldath’s Caption Contest #25 – Results

  1. JOKER: do you know what food I love best … FISH!!!


  2. Sorry Awesome Power, but this contest is closed. The next caption contest will be next Wednesday and will run til the following Tuesday.

  3. Congrats, Lord O, that was good.

    @ev1: I’m not a Joker aficionado, but I was wondering: would the entry where the Joker said “I’m too insane to drown” be more of a Jack Nicholson line or a Heath Ledger line or a comic book line?

  4. Jack Nicholson, definitely, Herr D…

  5. Congratulations, Lord_Obsidious..! Funny stuff, man :-P