HM3: Bovines, Britches, and Bolts


The Whiz Bang is revving up production with a few items...

The leg armor was the winning item of a Item Creation Poll a month or so back. The thigh, knee, and shin pieces can be found in Legwear/MaleStandard, while the briefs can be found in Legwear/MaleBriefs, and the shoes in FootRight/MaleTech.

The Bull Head is a remnant of my Bison Head creation. It can be found in Head/Animals.

The Lightning/Energy Bolt can be found in ItemRight/Energy.


8 Responses to HM3: Bovines, Britches, and Bolts

  1. Beauts.

  2. Avatar Hammerknight

    Great job, thanks. I can’t wait to put them to use.

  3. Awesome I cant wait to put them too work.

    I was running through your thread dblade, what happened to the war machine leg armor you did? Oh and those scary eyes, just remembered those.

  4. Love the lighting bolt and I kind of surprise that a bull head wasn’t added earlier (I guess Jeff has a thing against minotaurs (just kidin’ ^-^)).

    @CKnap I think DBlade still owe a few people some prizes before he can do anything extra. Plus I don’t think he had that much home computer time or free time in general lately.

  5. Great work as usual sir.


  6. The War Machine legs and Scary Eyes are ready to go. I just need to find time to put them in the Machine.

  7. That fine! I was just curious is all! Not trying to rush, I just saw the legs and eyes finished before the heads were made and wondered if you had forgotten or maybe couldn’t