This is a rejected character sketch of Nightshade I did for a friend in the Uberworld campaign.


10 Responses to Nightshade

  1. Rejected!?!?! I am outraged!

  2. Make her a companion too. Her and the Big Monster.

  3. This one I can’t do as the character is the property of the creator and I don’t have permission.

  4. Not to be presumptuous, but if anyone were interested, I have a similar character called Desmoda I’d be happy to permit to be companionified, in either her HM2 or HM3 incarnation.

  5. If this is the rejected sketch, can we see the one that was approved?

  6. Worf, it’s at the link in the post (

    Lime, very kind of you, but basically I just use drawings that I’ve already done. HeroMachine-generated characters don’t help, I’d have to re-draw them.

  7. The arm wings would be really cool to add to HM3.

  8. Yeah, that occurred to me after I posted. Long week already.

  9. Arm wings. Yes. Arm wings would be nice.

  10. Ooooh. You can’t use even a REJECTED sketch? Harsh. :frown: I guess that means you have good reason to keep your overhead down.