Pistol Fronts

I've just added the following guns-pointing-at-you to ItemRight-Pistols. Enjoy!


There's already one revolver in this orientation, but this one's a little more of a modern version and different enough to be worth including, I hope.

5 Responses to Pistol Fronts

  1. :yell: [eleven tentacles raise upwards, quivering] Oh, it’s your art . . . HEY THANX! 🙂 [five pairs of mismatched tentacles clasp and rub in various renditions of ‘eagerness’ or ‘winner’ while eleventh tentacle does poor imitation of thumbs-up] Later, dude! [blur toward lab]

  2. These are great! Now lower them slowly. We’re all friends here. Yeah, slowly.

  3. Avatar Hammerknight

    Sweet. Now hand over the money slowly. lol

  4. These are cool, Jeff!
    Perhaps we could expect some “Guns pointing up” items to go with the corresponding hand in the future?
    Plus a little creative reprogramming to allow manual layer entry like with the size, rotation, and position fields?

  5. Fantastic! Let me just say the glut of new items in HeroMachine these last few months is outstanding!