Whiz Bang Item Dispenser Strikes Back!

You may be asking yourself "What is this Whiz Bang Item Dispenser? Why is it striking back? Why should I care? And who the heck is dblade?" All good questions. And here are the answers...

Whiz Bang Item Dispenser: A whimsical name for my production of art assets for the HeroMachine 3 app. While I have just a smidge of the illustration ability that Jeff has, I am capable of emulating his style and creating new artwork for the Machine. You may have even used an item or two that I created.

Striking Back!: I plan on returning to the weekly production of art assets for HeroMachine 3. At the moment I am thinking of starting back up at the beginning of December.

Why you should care!: Every week I will post a poll asking the HeroMachine community to vote on the item I will create for the following week. Furthermore I will be asking for suggestions for items to be posted in the surveys. This is your chance to help decide what gets made. Just imagine how proud you'll be when that Raccoon Hat you suggested for a poll gets made.  Of course this leads to...


If you have an idea feel free to post it here preferably with an image link or very detailed description of the item you would like to see. Keep in mind that other people will be voting for the item to be made so it's in your best interest to provide a good description/image. You can also check out my forum thread where I post previews of items that I've created. This is a good place to post suggestions as well. Link is below...


Who the heck is dblade?: I am the shadow that creeps! The whisper that rasps! The knife that pokes! I am a really big fan of HeroMachine that loves to see the program grow. And since I use the application for my own fun and games, I have just as much need for a Raccoon Hat as anyone else who uses HeroMachine.

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