Doggone Super-Heroes

This is one of our five dogs, Trinket, in her super-hero identity "The Scarlet Shepherd". Why did I do this? Much more on this topic to come next week!


13 Responses to Doggone Super-Heroes

  1. Powers?

  2. Fits right in there with Underdog, Dinomutt and Hong Kong Phooie!

  3. So far her powers seem to be a) the ability to drive away ghosts, but only those that appear at 4:15. Every single morning. And b) she can herd butterflies, but only once at a time. She’s still a puppy, I’m hoping her abilities mature with time, but for now that’s what we’ve got.

  4. *** Zips lip about adopting cats and rant that dogs are… dogs ***

    Congratulations on the newest member of the Hebert family.

  5. One of the cutest superheroes I’ve seen for a while :). And Jeff, it sounds like you’ve got a rather bad haunting, have you considered doing anything about it?

  6. Jeff Hebert:

    Why did I do this?

    Did you really need a reason? It’s better and cooler than dressing her up like Batman as some dog owners seem wont to do.

  7. Great! What’s 4:15?

  8. prswirve:
    Great! What’s 4:15?

    It’s a time …

  9. ams:
    Fits right in there with Underdog, Dinomutt and Hong Kong Phooie!

    Not to mention Krypto, the SuperDog! The Bald Avenger now has a sidekick!

  10. Avatar William Peterson

    prswirve, think of having to get up at 4:15 in the morning, every morning, because your new puppy is chasing something away, and you’ve got to be at work in less than 5 hours… {Sorry, Jeff, I got it the first time around, but if someone was thinking 4:15 PM, they might be wondering what YOUR problem was!}
    And, Atomic Punk? I LOVE Cats… preferably with Barbecue Sauce, but Ketchup will do! πŸ˜‰
    Oh, and you know how you make a Cat sound like a Dog? Dunk it in Kerosene and apply a Match! {“WOOF!”}
    {And, yes, the above was meant ONLY as a sick joke… Do NOT try this at home, even if it IS only a Cat…}

  11. Always had a soft spot for Ace, the Bat-Hound…

  12. At least it doesn’t involve attracting fleas from unusual distances or liquefying everything in the vicinity of newspapers. Superstink?

    I’ve heard something about a product that puts out a smell on a timer? Correctly timed, maybe a dog would be distracted from whatever it wants to bark at?

  13. Why did I do this?

    : Did you really need a reason?

    Oh, but when Jeff has a reason, the results are often cool.

    Waiting to hear.