Character Design Contest #23 “Greek God Hero”

This week's contest is to design a Hero based on a Greek God. Have all the fun you can with this one. Limit three entries this week.

****Note**** It is a hero based on a Greek God, not a Greek God. It has to be a modern day Super Hero.****Note****


Rules for posts, contests, and challenges that I am hosting: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warnings.


37 Responses to Character Design Contest #23 “Greek God Hero”

  1. Anarchangel says:

    Is it still a rule that we can’t enter the same character in more than one contest? Because I’d like to enter Apollo in this one but he was already in the fire elemental contest.

    I have others I can enter if I can’t use Apollo but I just thought I’d check anyway.

  2. Hammerknight says:

    Still the same rules, it has to be a charter that has not been entered in another contest.

  3. TOOL says:

    Im usually dont make too many female characters but I figured I would ask for those who may be thinking it so is this a God and Goddess contest or just God? I kinda figure the contest would go both ways but I just like being clear.

  4. Quark says:

    I always liked Atalanta, so here she is.

  5. TOOL says:

    I figure since we can only put in 3 characters I might as well try my hand, or mouse I should say at the Big 3 of the Gods. First off I have my version of Zeus. I will be back whenever I can hopefully in time with Ares and Hades for your viewing pleasures. Without further adu, I think thats how you spell that, anyways…

  6. Hammerknight says:

    @Tool, Yes to both God and Goddess being used.

  7. TOOL says:

    Okay I see a bold print now saying that were actually not making our best representation of one of the Gods basiclly but making a modernized character that resembles what one of the Gods might look like nowadays or a superhero version of one of the Gods. So I guess my Zeus character is out. I think some others may be out too.

  8. MithrilFrog says:

    Sorry forgot the “is” in my last post.

  9. Carp says:

    Arachne. Sometimes radioactive spider bites cause more… metamorphic events.

  10. CantDraw says:

    Entry #1:

    Strom Head was a thief by trade who specialized in finding rare and exotic items. Upon hearing the tomb of Odysseus had been discovered, he traveled quickly and quietly to Greece. After breaking into the tomb, he successfully nicked several items, including the mythical bag of Aeolus, the god of winds. When Strom opened the satchel, he released the magical winds and was transformed into a wind elemental. Now seeing the error of his ways, he goes by the heroic name of Whirlwind.

  11. Vampyrist says:

    After godly intervention almost led to the end of the world, a pact forbidding all godly intervention in the affairs of man was signed by all the pantheons. However, there was a way around this as the pact only forbade direct intervention. Proxies could be used and thus vanguards were created. A Vanguard is a human who is empowered with godly force so that god can work with mankind, working as their soldier and liaison. In the age of heroes, most of these vanguards have taken up costumes and either fight for good or evil, or sometimes in between, depending on how their master align.

    Corona is Apollo’s vanguard, a hero who can manipulate solar rays to a devastating effect.

  12. Carp says:

    Saturn taking a bite out of crime… or his children (ok… that’s not to hero like is it?).

    (History majors… feel free to disqualify this one har-har)

  13. Carp says:

    Should have added… Vampyrist, I am most envious of your use of light and shading.

  14. prswirve says:

    Here is mine:

    Inferno, a modern day hero based on the Greek God of Fire, Hephaestus….

  15. Herr D says:

    Athena Spring uses a device of her own invention. She points it at anyone looking at her and converts herself and her suit to photons. The device aims her into the eye, converts her again to dendritic pulses, and causes her to inhabit the brain. She analyzes and jumps until she’s in the mind of a criminal deserving death. Then she jumps out PHYSICALLY. From their skull. Like Athena.

    Get it?

  16. CantDraw says:

    Entry #2:

    Ava Saint Maine was an average, undecided major, college student until she received a visit from Hecate, goddess of crossroads. She was given a choice to continue her purposeless life or take on a greater responsibility by taking the Hecate’s keys. Ava took the keys and became Advent, travelling the paths between life and death. She appears at moments of crisis when the choice considered will lead to great good or evil. Advent cannot influence, normally, but can only show what may be.

  17. TOOL says:

    So…Are my characters okay or do I need to more modernize them?

  18. Nite Rider says:


    I’m curious, how did you do the reflection effect with the boots and cape on Advent,


  19. Nite Rider says:

    OOPS! Sorry, punctuation. (?)

  20. CantDraw says:

    Nite Rider – I posted an explanation in the forum. Search for my gallery – “CantDraw Gallery of Bad Art”

  21. Nite Rider says:

    Nite Rider – I posted an explanation in the forum.Search for my gallery – “CantDraw Gallery of Bad Art”


  22. Phatchick says:

    Daria Nixon is a mutant with the ability to control shadows. As Nyx, she uses her gifts to manipulate the darkness to avenge evil.

  23. Hammerknight says:

    Contest closed. Good luck everyone.

  24. Pheh!

    Cryomutant Alessandra (Alex) Demetriou, aka Khione (Goddess of Snow)