Creator’s Club Poster 2013

Here is the Creator's Club poster for 2013. A special thanks to The Atomic Punk for all the hard work.


7 Responses to Creator’s Club Poster 2013

  1. Thanks for putting this together. Good job.

  2. Looks great

  3. Thanks to everyone who participated! Also to Hammerknight for pointing me to Paint.NET. It works great for group pictures.

    If I made an error on your Chibi, let me know. I will correct it.

  4. Feeling a little left out here

  5. Avatar Hammerknight

    Feeling a little left out here

    Did you send Atomic a Chibi?

  6. I know I might be biased because its mine but I really like the way my character came out. I am not a big fan of this style of art either. Several others came out pretty good too.

  7. vengeance:
    Feeling a little left out here

    I apologize Vengeance, but I did not find your submission in my inbox ( I made the call for entries in March (link) and extended the deadline a couple of times. The only Chibi that I created was my own. All others are property of their respective HeroMachiners.

    JR19759 has already volunteered for the 2014 poster. However, he has not announced a theme. If someone is open to put together another poster in-between, I’m all for it. Perhaps something for a holiday or special occasion.