It looks like I might be able to figure out how to get your character illustrations printed onto pretty much anything -- iPad cases, shirts, mugs, hats, playing cards, you name it -- through Basically I'd add more options to the "Export" screen, so you could either save it as an image (all the current stuff) or to a product. You'd pick the product, click go, and you'd be taken to a Zazzle page with your image on that product. Then you could order it any way you like.

My questions are:

  • First, is that something you would want;
  • Second, what kinds of items would you want as an option?

You can see all the options they have here.

20 Responses to Products

  1. Avatar Keith_Kanin says:

    That sounds awesome. I think shirts would be fantastic. Maybe mouse pads, or mugs too.

  2. ams ams says:

    I don’t think I would use this for my pics, but I would sure buy a Heromachine t-shirt to wear proudly and help promote the program. Walking billboards, anyone?

  3. Kaldath Kaldath says:

    Very Nice idea, though there are not many of my own characters I would put on the t-shirt et al though some Jeff Hebert art would be nice, the Heromachine banner, the Heromachine logo, Your SOD’s some of the Character contest custom drawing prizes especially the two I won!

  4. Avatar Kellkin says:

    You can have your own shop on there too and get a % when someone buys your product.

  5. Avatar TOOL says:

    Ive been saying for a while now that it would be cool to HM shirts. On the front itd say Id rather be machining then on the back it would have a big HM logo with my Name across the top.

  6. Avatar Keric says:

    On the front itd say Id rather be machining then on the back it would have a big HM logo with my Name across the top.

    Better yet, on the front Make Me A Hero!
    on the back HM logo

  7. Avatar PyrateHyena says:

    First, nah, wouldn’t use that anyway. Depends on what you do with the program, but yeez, do we need an extra button for something we can do with 2 minutes of googleing?

  8. Avatar PyrateHyena says:

    but the fanshirt ideas actually sound nice 🙂

  9. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    First, nah, wouldn’t use that anyway. Depends on what you do with the program, but yeez, do we need an extra button for something we can do with 2 minutes of googleing?

    Except you can’t, not really — the images the program puts out are only at a resolution of 72 dpi, and come out pixelated when printed. Most printing jobs require a minimum resolution of 150 dpi and prefer 300dpi. The program CAN output the image at that resolution, but it’s enormous, so I keep it to web sizes instead.

    For this, I’d make the big file, store it on the server, and give THAT to Zazzle for printing.

    The item that I suspect would get the most use would be a poster. But there doesn’t seem to be much enthusiasm for it anyway.

  10. Avatar Moognation says:

    Jeff, I think the enthusiasm will be there when folks can actually see it on a poster/shirt/mug, etc. I think it’s a pretty great idea! I have a baby on the way, and I could totally plaster the nursery with Heromachine posters (and, maybe a onesie!?!). Get the kid started off right, ya know?

  11. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    To have the option to export in that size would really be great. I looked at the site and something are a bit pricey but there are some good prices too. The HM t-shirt thing would be cool too. If you were to make an HM store here to get HM T-shirts and other items would be great and would help to put money into HM, but I believe it would be a little costly at first. I do really like the larger export size even if it is not to go with this company, it would allow someone to take their image anywhere to get posters made of it. The price they have for posters is a every good price.

  12. Avatar Lime says:

    I actually have one or two HM pictures I would have liked to have shirts of, but didn’t pursue the idea because I wasn’t sure if there was a copyright issue there. (So I hadn’t got far enough in my thinking to even consider dpi issues.)

    I also like the idea of a general HM shirt, and I second Keric’s slogan. 🙂

  13. Avatar Johnny Gear says:

    That sounds awesome. I have one or two things I’d like to put on a t-shirt or hat.
    And I would totally be into getting stuff with the heromachine logo on it.

  14. Yes, definitely something with the HM Logo. The golden Pegasus one on a mousepad would be neat. I’m sure at some point that I would want my own designs on a t-shirt or keychain (What? No shot glasses?!?).

    I remember when I was… younger than I am now… that custom t-shirts and promo items were expensive. You had to bulk order everything. Thanks to modern tech and the internet, $13 might seem much for a coffee cup, but you only have to buy one instead of 30!

    By the by, Jeff. I have an idea for a soccer jersey with one of your SODs… “The Totenheim-on-the-Green Death Ray Sharks!”

  15. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    @ The Atomic Punk, some people pay for the $13 for a cup of coffee and only get a throw away cup in the deal.

  16. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    “more then $13”, is what I typed, but this key board likes to make me look bad.

  17. Avatar Renxin says:

    I have no idea if I’d actually buy anything (I’m a student, and kinda cheap to boot) but it does sound fun. Fly the Pegasus flag with pride y’all!

  18. Avatar McKnight57 says:

    First, @Moognation, Congrats on your child coming into the world soon.

    Second, Yes I want this as an option. An embroidered jacket would actually be pretty cool.

  19. Avatar Bael says:

    I think you need to put this on the main page, somehow, or maybe in the forums before you give up. The blog traffic sort of fizzled when you moved it, and I don’t think this is really a representative sample anymore.

  20. Avatar Herr D says:

    It sounds like a wonderful option, Jeff.
    — uh, Jeff? Don’t wait for us to be enthusiastic. This could bring fans & revenue to HM through advertising them here.