Quick Tips

Today's Quick Tip is; Hand Alignment. I am including a blank sheet if anyone wants to share their tips with everyone. Keep the size the same, no bigger then 6"x8" or 600x800 pixels.Hand Alignment Quick Tips blankE-mail them to me at: thehammerknight@yahoo.com

2 Responses to Quick Tips

  1. Keith_Kanin says:

    a href=”type link here” rel=”nofollow”>name</a

    Thought I would share this one. Replace -type link here- with the link to your picture and replace -name- with the name of your art work. Enclose the entire thing with the less than and greater than symbols. I borrowed this technique from another famous Hero Machinist, the Atomic Punk. Hope you don't mind. It makes your post look much cleaner and may help Hammerknight when rounding up our entries for judging.

  2. TOOL says:

    I wasn’t sure if there was a post like this on here till I saw it on the side. I was gonna say it may be cool to do a weekly “Tips” kinda thing If the big wigs think its cool. Some place for us guys/gals who have been on here for a minute and know how to get some simple stuff done from masking items all the way up to dimention through shading and shine. I have been asked before about how I have made veins/scars or blood splatter on bodies/items. I guess the topic could arise on its own in an open critique, sharing day, or open whatever. Let me know what yall think of my idea? Also if you wanna chat or ask how I did something I am more than welcome to help out our fellow artist. I think we each become better as individuals by becoming better as a whole. Well that’s all I will spout off for now peeps, hit me back!