Character Contest #H05 “Musketeers”

This week's contest to to create your own team of Musketeers, three or four which ever you like.


Have fun no limits this week.


23 Responses to Character Contest #H05 “Musketeers”

  1. Mikhail Sergeevich Boyarsky forever!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Can we made the pictures non unusuall way. Like sci – fi type, character gender change?

  3. I almost stated that they should be “cira time of the book setting”, but I figured that it not stop someone from doing their own thing. So go ahead and make the changes that you want to.

  4. Thanks the answer.

  5. Renxin: Happy New Year everyone!And three riders to bring it all in.

    that”s awesome,love the bikes and the color scheme!

  6. Darn, I just realized they kinda need to be in a uniform, or it won’t make sense! (to my way of thinking) I will have to get back to the drawing board!

  7. I went with the Musketeer look…

    Bad Link Remove.

  8. Just realized my earlier post was unfinished, so plz use this link…

    This is the finished version.

  9. The Three Musketeers arch-enemies: passive Louis XIII, king of France; spiteful Anne, the queen; and shrewd Cardinal Richelieu, the real power behind the throne.

    Les trois adversaires

  10. Long ago to enter.

    So this is my musketeers.

    The idea is not original, i see in a japanese visual novel where Athos, Porthos, Aramis and a Female D’artagnan.

  11. In the Royal Eugenic Planeteers, Countess Darcy Canyon leads team 41-14 against the Fourth Testament, headed by the Arcrabbimam Ali Lama. While there is no uniform code, all must wear the mekatelempathic headpieces, shaped into wings and color-coded in the common trim of red, plus the oval shaped emblem representing the all-seeing eye of the N.E.T. Sir Oliver the eldest and most protective of their new young leader, while the big dumb ox Sir Pathos Avalon and the former Fourthie Sir Arthur Logos treat her more like a sister than a daughter. Armed with Energy swords and protected from the vacuum of space by the Force-Fields of their headpieces, these elite soldiers are specialized: Sir Ethos was a submariner, Sir Pathos was in Special Forces, Sir Logos is an expert pilot, and the Baroness was assigned to this group of veterans in order to learn from them.

  12. Athena, Pandora and Artemis De Gaulle the Three Musquetteers.

  13. I really want to join in on this one, but my “uniform” looks super DUMBASS, back to the drawing board AGAIN. (sigh!)

  14. Sick today, so relaxing with some Hero Machine.
    After many years of service, an older d’Artagnan finds himself with two new recruits under his wing.
    Alexandre- a young, temperamental soldier who idolizes the older Musketeers.
    Claudette- a young woman as adept at using her wits and figure to win a fight as her sword.

  15. Three identical triplets! MIDGETeers! Putipon, Knowymon, and Hillinngon are shown here in their trademark pose.

  16. Contest closed, good luck everyone.

  17. The Time-Traveling Trio of Zorro, the Scarlet Pimpernel, and Robin Hood.

  18. That’s the second time I’ve spent my Sunday morning working on a contest that’s supposed to end on Monday, and find it’s been cut off on Sunday morning. If you’ve changed the time limit, you should post it.

  19. Avatar Hammerknight

    That’s the second time I’ve spent my Sunday morning working on a contest that’s supposed to end on Monday, and find it’s been cut off on Sunday morning.If you’ve changed the time limit, you should post it.

    I did post the schedule for the contest when I first started I told everyone that I would be using Sunday to judge most of the contest. It is on the clip board at the bottom of the new contest. I’ll let this one in because I have not started judging yet.

  20. Thank you, sir. Sorry if I sounded snippy, it was the frustration talking.