META: Friday Night Fight ideas

This is an open thread to discuss what you'd like to see us do in the next iteration of Friday Night Fights, which I hope to have up soon. If suggesting a theme, keep in mind that it has to support the creation of five characters.

Past FNFs have been:

  • FNF1: One character per genre, to cover sci-fi, fantasy, super-hero, and "open".
  • FNF2: Create Robin Hood in Space, to include Robin Hood himself; Maid Marian; Friar Tuck; Little John; and their nemesis, the Sheriff of Nottingham.
  • FNF3: Create a Classic Five-Member Super Team With Unified Costume Designs, to include a Gadgeteer; a Martial Artist; an Energy Blaster; a Mentalist; and a Brick.
  • We could do another Robin Hood type of thing where we come up with some sort of overarching theme, and you have to create five specific types of characters. Or we could do something totally different than we've done before.

    So let me know what you liked about past editions, what you didn't like, and any ideas you have for the next go-around.

    36 Responses to META: Friday Night Fight ideas

    1. Alphaalpharomeo says:

      1)Power Ranger team consisting of red ranger, blue ranger, yellow ranger, black ranger, pink ranger, and 6th ranger

      2)Fantastic four type team consisting of leader, female, brute, and elemental

      3)Radioactive team consisting of members bitten by radio active animal, gamma radiation, cosmic radiation, and villain

      4)fellowship of the—- with elf, human, dwarf, hobbit, evil doer

      5)team of mutants

      6)JLA type team

      7) teenage mutant ninja somethings

      8)Religious team

      9)emotional spectrum type team

      10)Alien team

    2. Alphaalpharomeo says:

      Military team

    3. Herr D says:

      1. Team of acrobats doing team circus stunts. Tough posing, easy costuming.
      2. Single ordinary characters with living clothes, jewelry (same principle as Witchblade.)
      3. Animate an inanimate object.
      4. Character fighting a non-human Companion.
      5. Dramatic irony–a picture of a character NOT knowing something we know. (disallow copying Far Side’s pic of a gifted student trying to push open the door with a ‘pull’ sign on it.)

    4. Keric says:

      @ Alphaalpharomeo 8)Religious team- You are just asking for trouble on that one!

    5. JR19759 says:

      1) Elemental Team (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Wood, Metal e.g.)
      2) King Arthur Legend (Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere etc.)
      3) Golden/Silver/Bronze/Modern Age Designs (Same character name, costume designs from different comics ages)
      4) Pantheon of Gods (one of either Egyptian, Greek/Roman, Norse)
      5) Sci-fi (Spaceman, Mechanoid, Alien, Hologram, Humanoid)
      6) Force Manipulation (Light, Sound, Magnetism, Gravity, Time)

    6. Haxxx5 says:

      1) (Same as @Alphaalpharomeo) A Power Ranger-type team. Consisting of :Red (leader), Blue (Second), Yellow (either “heart” or “strong”), Green/Pink/Black (Specialist), Six Ranger.

      2) Consistent fantasy party. Same overall theme (Arctic/Wild/ Magic/ Psyonic) but consisting of Warrior, Wizard, Cleric, Rouge.

      3) Cute and cuddly critters. Decorating the companions.

      4) Military unit (GI Joe or Dinomarines like)

      5) Modern (our internet age) Suppers [tweeter-man or Tumblereena]

      6) two sides of the coin: 6 characters, 3 concepts with 2 teams battling each other. (Leader, second, specialist combo works well)

      7) Band: Drummer, Guitar, Bass, Vocal, Special (Violin, keyboard, bagpipe).

    7. Kaldath says:

      Elemental Heroes / Elementals: Super Heroes, or Super Being representing the four elements of Earth, Air, Water, & Fire, with the fith one being a Composite being of two or more Elements.

    8. Rhinoman says:

      How about our take of characters from Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, etc. like on Face/Off.

    9. rancid says:

      archetype super hero team- 1 god/divine character (thor/wonder woman) 2 gadgeteer (batman/iron man 3 magic (doctor fate/doctor strange 4 ideal hero leader (captain america/superman 5 brick (hulk/the thing/superman

    10. headlessgeneral says:

      I think making a super family would be fun. We can do a dad, mom, son, daughter and either a toddler or villian for the fifth character.

    11. headlessgeneral says:

      Another idea is the flip side of the last contest, a villain team. We can have The mastermind, the brute, the femme fatale, the assassin and the henchman.

    12. rancid says:

      i like the oz and wonder land ideas but with a different theme like the previous robin hood contest set in space. oz with a samurai twist or wonderland with a cyber punk setting maybe?

    13. rancid says:

      how bout a alternate universe theme with the same character from differnt worlds and settings. examples- golden age hero- post apocalyptic- future- opposite gender- victorian age- as a villain – pirate- western- real world hero.

    14. dblade says:

      I like the idea of the Wizard of Oz theme with a genre twist. Wizard of Oz Super heroes. Steampunk Oz. Cyberpunk Oz. (Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow, Tinman, and the Wicked Witch of the West).

      Another idea might be a Victorian super group ala League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. (Strong Man/Woman, Scientist, Gentleman/woman adventurer, Mystic, Supernatural Being)

    15. CKnap says:

      I like the ones where we do more of a team of heroes or villains and then how you had them pitted agaisnt eachother and a winner was decided.

    16. Keric says:

      Superheros/ Villians after they have been experimented on Ala The Island of Doctor Moreau?

      Banned/Retired Superheros

      love rancid’s Idea-
      how bout a alternate universe theme with the same character from differnt worlds and settings.

    17. Keric says:

      dystopian corruption of a Fairy tale? ie Snow White was the Evil one not the “Wicked Queen” ala:

    18. punkjay says:

      What about basing characters from 5 diffrent continants Africa, North/South America, Europe, Asia, and Austraila.

    19. Hyperanthropos says:

      Jeff, how about characters inspired by film genres. We could create our own movie poster starring the character. For example, a cowboy for a western, an Action-Hero/Action-Heroine for an Action Movie, a Monster for a horror movie, and so on. I’m thinking Western/Action/Horror/Comedy/Romance

    20. Skybandit says:

      Howzabout new versions of Mystery, Incorporated? Handsome leader, pretty karate girl, nerdy chick, odious comic relief and his anthropomorphic pet?

    21. CorranHorn says:

      How about the different ages of heroes?

      1) Classical (Achilles, Theseus, people like that. Not limited to your typical Greek hero)
      2) Medieval (Arthurian Knights, Robin Hood, that sort of thing)
      3) Folk Heroes / Fairy Tales (Johnny Appleseed, most Disney movies)
      4) The Comic Book Hero (Superman, Green Lanter, etc.)
      5) The Hero of Tomorrow (Space Marines, Jedi, that sort of thing)

    22. Frevoli says:

      1) team of classic horror monsters or interpretations / representations of them (vampire, werewolf, zombie, ghost, witch)
      2) perhaps like an injustice league; you give us 5 hero character profiles and we create a team where each member is a specific antithesis of an member on the oppsoing hero group
      3) sidekicks; again, based on 5 hero character profiles
      4) 5 random generated names
      5) D&D races – Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc
      6) team of deadliest warriors… all in space (spartan, ninja, pirate, knight, cowboy)
      7) Characters based on legends (Atlantis, El Dorado, Fountain of Youth, Excalibur, Urban Legend of choice)

      also what gets my vote is dystopian fairytales, steampunk OZ / wonderland, film genres, elementals,

    23. Dan says:

      I think doing a classic D&D party would be cool. Have it open races, but do the classes. Wizard, Fighter, Thief, Cleric, Monk, Barbarian, etc.

    24. hyperanthropos says:

      Choose a character and create five different versions according to various cyberpunk derivatives (clockworkpunk, steampunk, dieselpunk, atompunk, cyberpunk)
      Here is a link for those, who are not familiar with the genre

    25. DiCicatriz says:

      Hmm… I’m not sure about the Cyberpunk genre for all of the incarnations, but doing five different versions of the same character is a really cool idea.

      It’d be like one hero (or villain) across the multiverse! There’s different racial/gender/alien race possibilities there too in case people were concerned about the possibility of drawing the same person over and over again (although the difference of characterization and appearance would be part of the challenge!)

      Example: You’d have your Earth-Prime version of the hero (Generic-Man), then maybe a future version (GEN-3R1C), a female version (Generica), a post-apocalyptic alternate timeline version (Major Ginerix), and maybe a fantasy version (Sir Generices)

      A family challenge might be cool, you’d have Parent 1, Parent 2, son, daughter, sidekick or something along those lines.

    26. Jeff Hebert says:

      Great thoughts so far, everyone, thank you, keep ’em coming!

    27. The Atomic Punk says:

      Genealogical / Family Tree. A hero or villain legacy that is passed along from parent to child. Or skips a generation… like Teen Wolf. Best example would be the Flash family.

      Hatfields and McCoys with superpowers. With their Ragnarok in Luckenbach, Texas!

      * Why does Google Chrome spell-checker have no problem with “Ragnarok” but does with “Lukenbach?” Just asking… between Hank Williams’ pain songs and Blueberry’s train songs… blue eyes crying in the rain…

    28. The Imp says:

      What about five different versions of the same character at different points in his/her life? Kid/teen/young adult/middle-age/elderly?

    29. Frevoli says:

      maybe not so much the same exact character – as that could get a little samey – but the same identity in different eras: golden age, silver age, 90s, modern

      or like the family tree idea is cool too

    30. Gene says:

      So far, I’m liking;

      1) Villain team
      2) Same character across different realities
      3) Family hero team

      Cool ideas all πŸ™‚

    31. Alphaalpharomeo says:

      A team like the League of Extrordinary Gentleman where each character is from a different book

    32. Frevoli says:

      A team like the League of Extrordinary Gentleman where each character is from a different book

      It’d have to be public domain, but yeah – cool idea.

      And while some of the main guys are already with the League, there are still some good options

      maybe have one be from ancient Myth, one Arthurian, one Fairytale, one victorian etc

    33. kyle says:

      star wars
      assassin’s creed= assassin’s
      video game characters
      comic book strips

    34. Blue Blazer says:

      I didn’t take the time to read all of the previous posts, so if this has been said I apologize. You could have everyone create a hero and show his/her progression through 5 decades of time.

    35. Blue Blazer says:

      Or a hereditary hero like the Phantom, and show five consecutive generations (like thirty years apart)

    36. JR19759 says:

      Frevoli: It’d have to be public domain, but yeah – cool idea.

      And while some of the main guys are already with the League, there are still some good options

      maybe have one be from ancient Myth, one Arthurian, one Fairytale, one victorian etc

      A new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is definitely my favourite idea so far. Going through the characters on the site and looking back at the characters from the film and comic, I reckon that the best way to do it would be- Detective, Hunter/Adventurer, Supernatural, Brute, Thief/Spy, Scientist/Medical.

      Even if this isn’t done as the F.N.F this time round, I’m doing a series of characters based on that idea.