Cops and Crowds

The Companion-Humanoids set has just been updated with the following items:

Let me know if you like the way the silhouetted group turned out. I wasn't sure what to do with Color2, so I drew in the skin areas. If it works well, I have probably four more silhouette groups I could give the same treatment to.

6 Responses to Cops and Crowds

  1. Avatar Molotov Cupcake

    all three look pretty cool. maybe add the companions from 2.5 next?

  2. Which 2.5 companions?

  3. Avatar Molotov Cupcake

    a lot from humanoids and expansion 1 from hm2.5 aren’t in hm3. i thought it would be cool seeing them in hm3 as well.

  4. Jeff, are you caught up on all of dblade’s items now? Just wondering where my Seal Body got to… šŸ˜•

  5. I think I have everything dblade has sent me in the program now. I think he is still sitting on some he’s finished but hasn’t sent me yet.

  6. my crowd silhouettes will look better now!