Behold, the biggest bong ever known to science!

(From "Baffling Mysteries" number 9, 1952.)

5 Responses to Behold, the biggest bong ever known to science!

  1. This is one of those times a person is supposed to decide whether they would have a harder time with ‘horror of carnage’ or fear of the unknown. What I don’t really get is that, if the ‘innocent young maid’ knows herself well enough to decide such a thing, how innocent is she?

    My imagination has always been capable of coming up with worse or more bizarre. I always thought that’s what imagination WAS. I guess I don’t get fear of the unknown. How about you guys?

  2. “Ooh! Look behind you! There’s a bag of Doritos. Could you get them for me? Let’s watch British television!”

  3. Avatar Gabe Puratekuta

    I’ve seen bigger

  4. “I told you not to look! Damnit! Now you’ve made me look.”

  5. Speaking of bongs, I actually met Ziggy Marley today. He came into my store and bought a ton of munchies for a show he was having down the street from where I work.