SOD – JunkMech

As his prize for winning Caption Contest 123, Ian requested:

A giant junkyard-built mech, with a body formed from two semi-truck cabs, four legs made from beat-up construction equipment armatures, two arms - one giant grasping/tearing claw, one with a huge circular sawblade. Oh, and a flamethrower! And homemade machine guns! MAJOR BADASS DESTRUCTION!

And this is what I came up with:

(Click to embiggen.)

Enjoy! I didn't manage to squeeze in the machine guns but otherwise I think it's pretty close. I like how junky it came out. Although now that I look at it, maybe this is Crab-tor the Junk Mech Crustacean.

7 Responses to SOD – JunkMech

  1. Nice one. At that scale, just say that it has machine guns. They are just too small to make out in all that scrap metal.

  2. How long before Crab-tor the Junk Mech Crustacean makes an appearance on the Monster Truck and Motocross tour?

  3. Thar she flamethrows! Man the carpoons!

  4. That is awesome!

  5. Cool. Can we all say “New HM Companion?” 😉