No, not that! Anything but THAT!

(From "Blue Bolt" number 10, 1941.)

5 Responses to No, not that! Anything but THAT!

  1. Or, you know, target the other guy. Or the car.

  2. After constantly being ribbed by Batman for placing his hands on his hips and blowing, Superman discovered a new way to deploy his artic breath. He sticks his finger in his mouth and blows till it freezes, then he points his cold, wet finger at his target to freeze it.

  3. Blue tights? Check. Red cape? Check. Black hair? Check. Totally ripped off Supermans look and just tried throwing on a pair of gloves to say they didn’t.

  4. Avatar Gabe Puratekuta

    “Icefingers saves the day again!”

  5. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    Mock if you like. This guy’s awesome at picnics and cocktail parties. Need your beer cooled a bit? There you go.