On purpose?!

(From "Blue Bolt" number 8, 1941.)

5 Responses to On purpose?!

  1. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    That doesn’t sound very “green” to me. Are they going to clumsily recycle the radium when they’re done?

  2. Avatar Dr. Shrinker

    Must be government sponsored research

  3. Well, they’re no danger, after they all die out from clumsily giving themself radiation poisoning. Next adventure?

  4. @Dan Gonzalez:
    Maybe it’s saying they’re green as in inexperienced – that would explain why they’re using the clumsy and impractical methods, at least.

  5. Later, they’ll run the same experiment, but with precise and practical methods, as a control.

    They should have run the control first, of course, but that’s clumsy and impractical methods for you.