META: HM2 test

Hey folks, if you get a chance, could you try out the blogicized version of HeroMachine 2.5, hosted here instead of at UGO and let me know what you think?

Thanks! This will be a good test of "will it work properly" as well as a good indication of what kind of server load we're talking about.

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  1. Hi Jeff

    I have just had a try to load it but nothing happened (just a white screen). This might have something to do with me being on a work’s computer, though HM3 loads fine.


  2. Thanks for the report, Scorp. What browser are you using? I’ve tried it with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and it seems to work, but I don’t have Internet Explorer (Mac, whatchagonnado?).

  3. My work PC uses Internet Explorer Jeff

  4. Works good for me, and I’m on IE. Not the latest one, though.

  5. I tried it and it looks like everything functions. I’ll try to load an old character…..

  6. Old character loaded ok!

    I’m using IE (64 bit)

  7. Great, thanks for the update, sir!

  8. Thanks Scorp. This is the first time I’ve tried using iFrames in the WordPress system, so I’m not quite sure what all the permutations are. HM3 doesn’t load that way.

  9. Appears to be working here, using the latest version of Firefox 🙂

  10. Working fine with Chrome, Jeff.

  11. Works fine on the latest Firefox for me, Jeff. Also tried to load it up in IE9 64 bit, but my add-ons were getting blocked between my browser and my security software. I’m sure there’s a way to fix that, but since I don’t regularly use IE, I’m not sure I’m motivated to figure it out when Firefox works just fine.

  12. Seems to be working fine (with Chrome).

  13. Avatar Captain Kicktar

    Working fine, Firefox.


    This was just a test. If there had been an actual comment about the fuctionality of HeroMachine 2.5, the comment would have been titled as such. This was only a test. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  15. Loaded Just fine for me on Internet explorer 8 and Chrome

  16. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    Jeff, unless I am mistaken the “RECENT POSTS” section in the sidebar of the front page currently shows everyone’s posts and yours tend to get buried (like the choose your own adventures and contests etc).

    For instance yesterday when I first came to the revamped site all I saw in that section were the images everyone had uploaded to the site.

    Perhaps you should have your own “Recent Posts” section.

  17. I believe the Recent Posts are all Jeff’s. He uploaded the images to the Hall of Fame section yesterday so they dominated the site until he started posting his regular blog entries.

  18. works fine for me, but why 2.5?

  19. Yep seems to work fine im on IE

  20. Er, why NOT 2.5? UGO doesn’t own it any longer and so they’ll be removing it from their servers, meaning I have to have a home for it here. The minis will probably be moving over soon too.

  21. dblade is correct. All of the image posts were added by me; I wanted to have a “Hall of Fame” category so you could just click on that and see all of them in one place. Since I hadn’t yet resumed “normal” blog operations until this morning, I took advantage of the lull yesterday to do that bit of housecleaning. I realize it was irritating but hopefully it’ll be worth it in the longer term.

  22. Jeff is testing 2.5 on the HeroMachine site to see how it works here as opposed to the UGO site. He mentions it above…

  23. And what he said. 🙂

  24. I have just tried it on my home computer and 2.5 works fine.

    Must admit, it was great giving it a go again!!

  25. Working great on Chrome…can’t test “loading old characters” cause I lost all mine when my computer crashed recently 🙁
    But I made one, saved it and loaded it again with no problems. 🙂
    …Oh dear, I think I’m hooked again… 😛

  26. agh! i cant think of any character ideas for HM3! ideas, anyone?

  27. Seems to be working fine for me… man, it’s been forever since I used 2.5…

  28. You mean the ‘vertically challenged’ will be moving over soon.(well, moving under, that is)

  29. Yeah, I know what you mean. It seemed so wierd to not be able to move items around or change their shape.

  30. Working great for me.
    I am SO glad it looks like we won’t lose these programs.
    I was pretty disappointed at the firt warning.

  31. Everything’s working fine on Chrome for Mac.

  32. working fine in firefox. link at header also work well

  33. what about cold blooded killer. it doesnt have to bloody but have the “cold blooded killer” aura

  34. okay, i’ll try that. thanks.

  35. damn! u made it in only 30 minutes O.o

  36. Whenever you feel uninspired, FRM, check out the Seventh Sanctum Super Hero Name Generator. That’s always good for a couple of dozen concepts.

  37. Works great, and 2.5 still rocks to me!

  38. Avatar spidercow2010

    So, probably a stupid question (and don’t be fooled; sometimes there ARE stupid questions), made worse by my being too lazy to actually research it, but I don’t suppose HM-1 thru -2.5 character strings will mean anything to HM3, will they? I couldn’t create something on 2.5 and tweak it in 3.

  39. i tried it an no the strings dont work

  40. worked for me.

  41. Another thumbs up using firefox

  42. No, those strings won’t work in anything but the version they were created in.

  43. gendonesia– i dont know what time zone ur in, but when i made it, my clock said 8 o’ clock. but i actually did make it in 30 minutes(not to brag).

    thanks, jeff

  44. Chrome on Win7(64) a-ok

    Hey Jeff, unless your offering free publicity to your old company, go to Backgrounds/Photo and remove the “UGO” logo one.