HM3: Cityscapes

I've just updated the core HeroMachine 3 app to support a new set of items. They're in the "Background" slot, and the set is named "Cityscapes". Here they are:

The first one is the "Dark Alley" from Replacement Prize List 2. Since I didn't want a whole set of items with just one thing in it, I went ahead and did the rest. Hopefully you'll find them useful when making settings for urban characters.

I've just double-checked and the updates are live. If you don't see the new set in the list, you'll have to flush your cache.

27 Responses to HM3: Cityscapes

  1. New York City! LOl pick up the Pace.

  2. nate dawg, I literally have no idea what concept(s) you’re trying to communicate in that comment.

  3. O and buy the way, I,m first 🙂

  4. You don’t get it? why not.

  5. Pace– picante sauce? Is that the reference you’re going for?

  6. @nate dawg: I gotta admit I didn’t get it either.

    @Jeff: AW-SO-ME! Thank you for giving us the ability to do this:

    Oriental Background

  7. Very Very Nice!! I now have to win a couple contests however so I can request some more Medieval/Fantasy Cityscapes

  8. Sa-WEET!

  9. YES!!! So wanted.

  10. Nice!

  11. I wish there was a like button right now. That’s awesome, Jeff.

  12. Very nice!!

  13. Awesome! Can’t wait to see the combinations machiners come up with. Like the oreintal ones the best1 Thank you and cheers!

  14. @ams: did you see the oriental background I posted above?

  15. sweet! i used the looking up one for an earthquake scenario. its posted on my wiki.

  16. finally, new cityscape updates!
    thanks Jeff!

  17. @ Worf- just went and took a look and it ROCKS! I usually don’t have the word “beautiful” in my vocabulary describing pics, but this is and exception. Great use of items and colors. I actually feel relaxed when I look at it.You could use that image as your desktop. Awesome work! Cheers!

  18. Woah. That is so freaking awesome.

  19. @ams: Thank you very much. High praise from a great heromachinist.

  20. Brilliant! Thank you so much!

  21. Cool 🙂

    Great additions Jeff.

  22. Awesome 🙂

  23. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    Good additions: I could have used these, once or twice, quite recently.

  24. That Is awsome Jeff, now I can varry my backgrounds more Thanks 🙂

  25. Awexome additions! This will make some rabid Machinists very very happy.

  26. DUDE! SOOOOOOOO Nice to have these. I like to make alot of the pictures for the Heroes in the home brewed RPG I play in. We have several human level vigalante tpes and this expansions of cit scapes will breath new life to those pics. Freakin’ Sweet.