HM3: Tardis Control

I've just uploaded Watson Bradshaw's prize for winning Caption Contest 104, a Tardis-style control panel now available in Background-Standard:

16 Responses to HM3: Tardis Control

  1. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    There was an instruction manual for HM3, but I threw it into a black hole: I disagreed with it.

  2. I did not realize how badly I wanted this until I saw it. Best. Item. Ever.

    And there’s even an item category “Companion.”


  4. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    AWESOME!!!!!! You just made my Christmas 🙂

  5. Fantastic! Thank you for putting this in!

  6. Well, this lil’ addition just made Christmas in this Relative Dimension a lot nicer. Watson, Jeff, thanks guys– I hope you find sonic screwdrivers in your stockings this year.


  7. Wow! Too bad I’m not supposed to spend entire Christmas in front of the computer playing with HM3…

  8. DUDE?! SICK?! That is just ten levels of badassery right there!!! Thank you, and Merry Christmas Jeff!! 😀

  9. Awexome! This warms my Whovian heart.

  10. Merry Christmas HM’ers:

    (hopefully having Jeff’s face on there means it’s not a copyright infringement…)

  11. Wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimelicious! Just…brilliant! 😀

  12. Guess I haven’t reached the level or nerdom it takes to know what that thing even is, but it looks nice.

  13. @ Gero: Brilliant! 😀

  14. @haz 13: Thanks!

  15. I have a hat like that AND a Tardis!

  16. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    Who’s watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special tonight?