Wingin' it

With many and profound thanks to dblade for drawing them, I am happy to announce that I have just uploaded the following set of items to the Backplane-Wings set for HeroMachine 3. As you can see, they're outstanding:

I realize segmented spider legs aren't exactly "wings" but I had the file open anyway and couldn't think of a more logical place. So nyah.


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  1. Holy crap Batman! Those are really cool. Thanks Dblade!

    *Looks over shoulder for boss, then shuffles over to HM to check them out….*

  2. Thanks, gene! And thanks, Jeff, for uploading them.

    Side note: I just noticed (for the first time) the set of wings right before the spider legs on the menu selection. Are these new? Very cool and stylish.

  3. Huzzah! They look great, dblade! And, thanks Jeff for adding them to HM3!

  4. These items are AMAZING!! But the nitpicker I am has to ask if this can be fixed….

    This is with the pattern shading items. It happens on most of the background items too. Cheers!

  5. Bitchin’

  6. ams, that’s because the integrated patterns are only as wide as the basic screen, while these wing items are much, much longer. If I increase the size of the patterns, they really bog down the speed of the program.

    The long-term fix is to take all the grayscale patterns and include them in the “Patterns” set of items so they can be scaled to as big as you like.

  7. I see. Thanks!

  8. Awesome! They look fantastic. Thanks Dblade and Jeff for drawing and uploading them.

  9. Thanks dblade and Jeff.

  10. Dblade, amazing job.

    On a side note, Jeff how is the unbuttoned suit jacket that I got for the FNF consolation round going? I don’t mean to be begging for it, I’m just wondering if anything has progressed.

  11. I haven’t worked on it yet, Vampyrist. I’m hoping that this next week or so becomes “Item BLITZ!” as I knock out a bunch of long-standing items that needed to get done.

  12. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    HOT WINGS!!!

  13. Ok, I need to start redoing all my characters that have Wings STAT!!!! Thanks dblade and Jeff!!!!!!

  14. Thanks. They will be put into good use soon.

  15. more please 😀 finally an item blitz after a drought of items
    good job guys

  16. WOW, like…WOW, really WOW.

    dblade these are awesome!

    thank you dblade and thank you Jeff.

  17. Cool items !!!

    Thanks dblade 🙂

  18. Avatar MasterBeaty1385

    Dang dblade! These wings are great!Sorry to ask again but that way cool Rocketeer helmet, did you ever ask Jeff to incorporate it into the program?

  19. @MasterBeaty1385 (20): I will get the helmet sent eventually. I have a series of helmets I need to get ready and it will go with the lot of them.

  20. Nifty! If I may ask a question that’s slightly off topic: I notice that I can access this blog via Facebook but not directly from the Heromachine site. Jeff, do the web elves at have any idea when that will be fixed? Thanks!

  21. Oh wow. Those are… AWESOME. Thank ya, JH/DB.

  22. Niall, I don’t think I understand, since your comment is here on the blog and not on Facebook. There was a problem over the weekend with the domain not resolving but they fixed that. I am not aware of anything else still awry.

  23. @dblade: Love love love the butterfly wings! Love love love love love even more the baroque / steampunk angel wings. *Virtual-hand-cover-over-the-lips-fey-kiss-muack!*

    Deus ex dblade!

  24. Why thanks for your kind words. They make me blush.

  25. Absolutely awesome, and very kind.

    Many, many thanks to you, DBlade. That’s a nice christmas present 😀 😀 😀

  26. Sweet wings.

  27. Amazing wings, but what happened with the items I saw put up during the critique? Are they not being added as well?

  28. Avatar MasterBeaty1385

    @dblade(21) Alright cool, thanks for the feedback, great work again!

  29. I like it very nice. Thanks for that.

  30. @TOOL(29): These will be submitted soon. I plan on sending the armor (the heavy torso and arm piece, the stealth torso), the cybernetic arm, and cybernetic eye next.

  31. And just in case anyone is wondering why I just don’t send them immediately after I’m done…when I create these they aren’t immediately HM3 ready. I wait until I am 100% ready to call them final and then make adjustments to the file so the HM3 three layers (Line Art, Color 2, Color 1)function correctly in the program. For instance the Color 1 layer/shape is where things are masked to so if I don’t trim the shape properly the masked item will cover the linework. Awkward!

  32. Actually, so long as the mask area (color1) doesn’t extend outside the line art layer, you’re fine — the line layer is on top of the color1/mask layer, so even if the mask would cover the artwork, it won’t since it’s lying beneath it.

    Does that make any kind of sense?

  33. Thanks dblade, I love your work

  34. @Jeff(34): Perfect sense. Thanks, Jeff.