Worst. Origin. Ever.

(From "The Green Mask" number 10, 1944.)

25 Responses to Worst. Origin. Ever.

  1. miceface?

  2. So his ancestors evolved into fox-like creatures to infiltrate the fox population. Diabolical!

  3. I… don’t think that’s how that works. I hope not, anyway.

  4. Nope. That guy that can fly because he was raised by birds is still the champ of aweful origin stories…

  5. Likely the same guy who came up with Nightbird’s secret origin of “Gee, I found a costume.”

  6. His “ancesters”, eh?

  7. “Hunters” here being a word that means “seducers.”

  8. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    “….and this is A Sniveling Little Rat-Faced Git…..”

  9. He really doesn’t that much like a fox. Is he sure it was foxes his ‘ancesters’ were hunting?

  10. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    The whiskers suggest that they were preoccupied with another animal entirely…..

  11. Well, just call me Vegetable Head then.

    It could be worse. If I came from a long line of wood workers, I might be Chairface from the Tick.

  12. That’s called “phoning it in.”

  13. Foxface? Looks more like Ratface to me.

  14. So if I spend much of my time hunting for bargains, what will my many-times-great-grandson’s face look like?

  15. @TheNate: Probably 20% off, or 1/2 price.

  16. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    TheNate (14) and Frankie (15): …Or he’ll look like one of those smiley-faces from WalMart…..

  17. As Valhallen said to Ratman: “Dude, your origin makes no sense.”

    *Dexter’s Lab*

  18. This is what comes of committing ancest.

  19. It’s a good job his ancesters were not great gynecologists eh!

  20. @The Atomic Punk (17): Justice Friends unite!

  21. @Punk 17: Great, now I’m all sad and nostalgic…

  22. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    “How’s it goin’, Ferret-face?” – B.J. Hunnicutt to Frank Burns

    How’s THAT for nostalgia?

  23. Wow, and I was just watching a M*A*S*H marathon yesterday. Of course it seems like those are always on.

  24. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    They HAD a marathon, in one episode…..

  25. I think his race was on an episode of Grim.