Caption Contest 112: Punchtastic!

Your challenge this week is to come up with the best replacement dialog for this comics panel:

Hopefully we haven't done this one yet, I honestly can't recall :-/

The best entry (as judged by yours truly) wins the author's choice of either any item they like or any portrait to be included in HeroMachine 3′s final release, or a custom black and white “Sketch of the Day” style illustration (you pick the subject, I draw it however I like).

All entries must be left as a comment (or comments) to this post. Keep ‘em clean (appropriate for a late-night broadcast TV show), but most importantly, keep ‘em funny!

This week we have a cap of no more than five (5) entries per person, so make 'em your best!

64 Responses to Caption Contest 112: Punchtastic!

  1. Avatar Big Mac says:

    1) Impressive considering your fist eminates from your chest.

    2) BITCH!!!

    3) Collagen, take me away!

    4) You look like you’ve slapped yourself a few times too.

    5) Rom is my babies daddy!

  2. Avatar Rick says:

    1. ffflltheeeehhorrrrrrrr!

  3. Avatar count libido says:

    My wisdom tooth hurts! How did you take out the last one?

  4. Avatar Joachim de Ravenbel says:

    So… That’s where a mouth is… Interesting…

  5. Avatar EXILE says:

    1.Hit me baby one more time

    2. Im suprised you could hit my mouth, considering how short your arm is.

    3. Go ahead, Make my day.

    4. Bitch, you couldn’t hit a blunt!

    5. Oh god this chick’s ugly…

  6. Avatar Frankie says:

    “It didn’t work. I’m still ugly. Now what?”

  7. Avatar Frankie says:

    “Your husband makes my antanae tingle.”

  8. Avatar Frankie says:

    “MIRACLE BROW, apply gently to the forehead. Apply gently to the forehead. Apply gen–“

  9. Avatar BenK22 says:

    “Who you calling a cootie chaser, you lint licker?”

  10. Avatar Myro says:

    1. “Okay, my lazy eye is acting up again. What do we do?”

  11. Avatar dblade says:

    “Hey, Annie. Your cheap alternative to collagen injections has worn off.”

  12. Avatar sean from edwards says:

    I’m going to tell the world your cheap facelift alternative makes you look like a bug.

  13. Avatar Frevoli says:

    So where would you like to punch me today?

  14. Avatar Joshua says:

    Two things that are guaranteed to piss off most of the 52-55% of the human populace, and these are my entries:

    1. That dress makes you look fat.

    2. Are you sure you want to order dessert?

    Warning: Men, under no circumstance, do you ever want to say one of these two phrases to your wife or GF! 🙂

  15. Avatar Syntax says:

    Go ahead and try, your boyfriend still thinks I’M hotter.

  16. Avatar BenK22 says:

    “Orbitz cleans another dirty mouth.”

  17. Avatar unknownblackpaper says:

    Pop off!

  18. Avatar Wrinkles says:

    Fine, but if you keep punching me one day I’ll be prettier than you!

  19. Avatar unknownblackpaper says:

    Chill-lax already!

  20. Avatar TOOL says:

    Can I help it your man prefers alien women to earth women?

    Your just mad because I won a best tits contest in two divisions.

    I will just give her the lazy eye!

    You hit like little girl, me strong like bull!

    That’s what he said!

  21. Avatar Frankie says:

    “Then what did Ralph say, Alice?”

  22. Avatar Joel says:

    “Hmmm, that tastes like…Fist! Odd when did I have that?”

  23. Avatar Twiggyseed says:

    1 My beautiful face!!

    2 Black friday shoppers are really aggressive this year!

    3 Do it again and I’ll hit you with the arrow on my right!

    4 Well, make it quick, I gotta pee…

    5 Before you do that, tell me, where are your antennas?

  24. Avatar Meficrow says:

    1 – [screw] that!,no one is watching my antennas with breasts like these.

    (Edited by Jeff for inappropriate language.)

  25. Avatar Meficrow says:


    1 – no one is watching my antennas with breasts like these.

  26. Avatar Mr.MikeK says:

    1. Let go of those yoga pants!

    2. Erp, ack, derp!

    3. Rob Liefeld is the best artist ever.

  27. 1. Nice antennae, Forehead Gal!

    2. I know you’re not but what am I?

    3. 311 is the greatest band ever!

    4. Paper or plastic?

    5. A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of communism…

  28. Avatar Whit says:

    1) What, all I said was that you didn’t look enough like a WASP to me.

    2) How do you do the Hokey-Pokey?

  29. Avatar Rick says:

    2. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

  30. Avatar 1rd2th3st says:

    “Hit me agian, I’m getting channel 2 now.”

    “But mommy I don’t wanna go to grandma’s….”

  31. Avatar Watson Bradshaw says:

    1. I’m Nancy Grace and Casey Anthony is a tot mom.

    2.does this dress distract from my uni-brow?

    3. what are you planning to do with that club-hand?

  32. Avatar Mr.MikeK says:

    4. What can you do to make this look more like a Lady Gaga outfit?

  33. Avatar The Imp says:

    1. Never gonna give you up…

    2. My antennae bring all the boys to the yard!

    3. Hey, who wants to watch Glee?

  34. Avatar Myro says:

    2. “I could go for a Hawaiian Punch right now.”

  35. Avatar Ballin' Boy says:

    1. I hate my job

    2. Thank you all for naming me as your new miss universe…

    3. Yo Taylor im really happy for you and imma let you finish but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!!!

    4. What do blondes say after sex? great work team.

    5. Hey what’s that ugly thing on your neck? its hideous….oh wait that’s your head 🙂

  36. Avatar BenK22 says:

    “I’m Team Jacob.”

  37. Avatar Volt says:

    I’m spendin my money, I’m out of control
    Somebody hit me, She’s takin my bank roll.

  38. Avatar Joel says:

    “You punched me in the mouth Redundancy Queen and you’ll do it again.”

    “Do you know what my favorite thing about the twilight series-“

  39. Avatar Syntax says:

    2. Twilight sucks.
    3. Oh no! I just lost the game!
    4. Joke’s on you! I’ve hade so much plastic surgery, my face can’t feel anything!
    5. Excuse me, but if you’re not to busy I’d like to talk to you about the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Ha! Jehovahs…

  40. Avatar GalacticKetchup says:

    Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?

  41. Avatar Moi says:

    At least it’s not watching Glee

  42. Avatar Whit says:

    I no longer have dental coverage. Any suggestions how to handle this cavity?

  43. Avatar Whit says:

    (ooh, that was my #3, sorry)

  44. Avatar Frankie says:

    “I’m telling you. Who is on first.”

  45. Avatar Rick says:

    3. You husband in the last panel? Happy to see me.

  46. Avatar Shirkamisamyogai says:

    (Don’t count these; I just wanted to give a few laughs”

    1. “Is it *that* time of the month?”

    2. “It didn’t work the first time…”

    3. “I’m your hostage. What makes you think I’ll cooperate?”

    4. “Okay, okay already–Who’s on first, what’s on second, but you don’t know about third. Is that right?”

    5. “I’d like to point out that you are letting your emotions dictate your actions.”

  47. Avatar Dan Gonzalez says:

    “Big deal. In 5th grade I made this face and someone slapped me on the back and it stayed that way FOREVER!”

  48. Avatar TheNate says:

    I don’t get it – what’s a knuckle sandwich?

    You dumb blonde! That’s not how you deliver a punchline!

  49. Avatar Sutter_Kaine says:

    1) Awkawardly phrased threat sense tingling…

  50. Avatar Moi says:

    2. Arms are yummy, gimme more
    3. (alien langauge) jdf;kdl;f
    4. FALCON PUNCH!!!!!
    5. ‘sings the doom song’
    6. LOL XD
    7. I’m calling King Kong
    8. Girlfriend, you need weaker knuckles

  51. Avatar deathstroke says:

    1. Your just jealous because I have awesome antenas

  52. Avatar deathstroke says:

    See the face im making….thats what you look like right now

  53. Avatar Joel says:

    “Well that didn’t get rid of the grasshopper I swallowed, watcha’ gonna try now?”

    “And now for something completely different…..”

  54. Avatar Myro says:

    3. “♪ It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday…♪”

  55. alphaalpharomeo alphaalpharomeo says:

    1)I kissed your boyfriend

    2)Wanna make out

    3)Give me all your money

    4)I love it when you punch me in my mouth.

    5)My attena stopped picking up the television signal.

  56. Avatar Rapthama says:

    1) I hope that she didn’t miss the punchline…
    2) Antenna, not my mouth!
    3) What are you waiting for? Hit the left one too so I can smile.
    4) From now on, no internet for you!
    5) What are you talking about woman? I look fabulous!

  57. Avatar Syntax says:

    Just noticed a typo. It should say:
    5. Excuse me, but if you’re not too busy I’d like to talk to you about the Lord Jesus Christ.

  58. Avatar spidercow2010 says:

    Okay, I’ve got my Rihanna costume on. Now do your Chris Brown impression.

  59. Avatar Keith_Kanin says:

    Hit me again Ike! And this time put some STANK on it!

  60. Avatar punkjay says:

    Why not you blond skank! You already messed up my Botox!!!

  61. Avatar BenK22 says:

    4. “Roger likes my antennae better, sis.”

    5. “I have never once, flaunted my antennae!”

  62. Avatar skybandito says:

    1) I want my money back on that unibrow trimming.
    2) I don’t mind “Niceboobs,” but quit calling me “Butterface!”
    3) Wow! Your boyfriend’s got a nice ass!
    4) Are you still wearing that raggedy red jacket?
    5) Ready for the rematch? Antennae like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

  63. Avatar Keith_Kanin says:

    Do these antennae make my boobs look big?

  64. Avatar Kountkill says:

    “They’re called “feelers” for a reason!”