"Say, by shouting …"

(From "The Green Mask" number 6, 1940-ish.)

4 Responses to "Say, by shouting …"

  1. Now is this guy the titular “Green Mask”, or just another guy from the comic, because he doesn’t appear to be wearing any green at all…

  2. @Gero: Maybe the mask is green on the front?

  3. That is actually one of the back-up characters, “Navy Jones”. Like Davy Jones, get it? Only, not dead and stuffed in a locker.

    These old comics would have three or four short adventures with the main character, then three or four back-up stories with secondary characters as well. Kinda neat when you consider in the modern age we can’t reliably crank out 20 pages of one story each month.

  4. @Jeff 3: I love when U.S. comic artists (*cough* Liefeld *cough*) can’t meet a 20-page-a-month deadline and complain about it being too much work. They have a guy who writes, a guy who draws, and another guy who inks, and can’t do 20 pages a month, but Japanese mangaka do it all themselves (i.e. one guy does both the writing and the drawing, and any color pages that issue may have), and churn out 20 pages a WEEK…