Character Contest 6: Animalia

Your character creation challenge for this week is going to be a bit more focused than last time: you must create a character (or characters) based on the animal kingdom. That might mean a super chimpanzee, or it might mean The Battling Beaver super-hero, or it might be a space-zombie-fighting intergalactic robot horse, or it might be your take on the Beastmaster, or a fantasy ranger with his wolf companion, or or or anything else you can think of, so long as it relates in some way to an animal. The rules are the same as last time:

  • No editing in anything but HeroMachine (except for basic cropping or sticking a label on it or something);
  • Post a link to your image in the comments;
  • You must use a version of HeroMachine to create your image.

The winner will get to choose either one item or a caricature of their head to go in the HeroMachine 3 final version so they can serve as a model for countless legions of creative people the world over! The contest runs from now until next Tuesday, at which time a winner will be announced.

Good luck everyone, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!