Sushi bars make bad first date destinations

(from "Weird Comics" number 1, 1940.)

9 Responses to Sushi bars make bad first date destinations

  1. There’s not much room for his head in that fishbowl. No oxygen tank either. I guess he’s just hallucinating about the giant seaweed, and about holding a gun, cause there’s nothing in his hand. He may have an invisible raygun that shoots invisible rays, that makes things visible.

  2. I seaweed, I smoke it!

  3. Is that Lucille Ball?

  4. Why do all these old sci fi types wear pickle jars on thier heads?0

  5. I’m not convinced that is a pickle jar. It’s too close to the head. I think it’s a dry-cleaning bag

  6. So, I’m guessing that there’s no Lone Wolf today, huh?

  7. Dan, you just beat me to asking that same question.

  8. Still coming, I’m just sloooooow.

  9. No probs Jeff, just curious.