Will we EVER get off this *&%$@ ship?!

Our interminable adventure on the high seas battling undead continues from last week, when we opted to charge the tower of the dread sorcerer on the floating ship of doom:

Coward! These sorcerer types, they always talk a big game and throw around a lot of flashy effects, but when it comes time to bare steel they disappear in a flash of smoke. Jerks.

Of course, maybe that's because in the finest D&D tradition, magic users only have like two hit points. Still, it's quite unmanly.

So what'll it be this time, intrepid adventurers? Do we seek out a friendly ship to continue our naval assault, or do we give chase to our yellow-bellied foe?

14 Responses to Will we EVER get off this *&%$@ ship?!

  1. Avatar Gero says:

    I say we follow him. I didn’t wait an entire week just to give up ten seconds into the fight…

  2. Avatar Myro says:

    Die, sorcerer! Die! Die! Die! Tonight, you shall taste the steel of the Sommerswerd! Of course we swim after him. I have Conan-esque dreams of sorcerer killing to fulfill.

  3. Avatar Shade2075 says:

    He was powerless against the sword and fled but he isn’t the main problem he just added to it. I say we let him flee and take care of the matter at hand and get back to one of are ships.

  4. Avatar NEON says:

    Follow him, kill him and rob him.

  5. Avatar Corran Horn says:

    We have had a rather bad experiance with water recently, so I say fight back to the ship. We have a country to save, and that sorcerer can drown in the water. Cloaks aren’t made to be swam in anyway…

  6. Avatar Shade2075 says:

    Also how are we supposed to swim with a sword? The weight of it makes it a little difficult to catch our opponent even if we can move.

  7. Avatar Vampyrist says:

    I say go after the sorcerer. The creep tried to kill us and I say it’s time to return the favor.

  8. Avatar Fuzztone says:

    That Sword may be good at slicing up the undead and zapping magic but I don’t think it’s much cop against plot arcs. That sorcerer is clearly down for a big part in Book 4 and we’re not going to get him regardless of what we do. Back to the other ship!

  9. Avatar spidercow2010 says:

    Why is there no option to turn the fire-belching capacity of the flagship against the bad guys? Or is that what the wizard was doing? And what, exactly, is a tokmor? Pulling a jewel from your ornate tokmor just sounds dirty, somehow. Anyway, I agree, no good swimming with a sword, or a swerd either. Let’s commandeer this flagship, set it on fire and send it into the enemy armada.

  10. Avatar X-stacy says:

    He really has recurring villain written all over him; he’s got a name and everything. I don’t really see a swimmer weighed down with a sword catching up to a dude in a boat anyway…although I might see a swimmer with a sword getting half-drowned and rescued by fisherman after the big battle is over, then getting robbed and dumped. So let’s fight back to a friendly ship.

    (I won’t lie, I was super disappointed that the wizard was throwing all the fire. I don’t know why I expected a contraption, but I did. Now we’ll never have our big hero moment of taking over the vast, clanking, fire-belching engine of death and setting alight all the enemy ships with their own horrific weapon. And, sadly, the fact it would have been a big hero moment should have been my first clue it would never happen to Lone Wolf.)

  11. Avatar X-stacy says:

    (Sorry for the double post, but I decided I had to know the answer to spidercow’s question, so I searched it. Highest result for tokmor on bing is some guy’s myspace page. Second highest result is lonewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Tokmor . Which first of all proves that everything has a wiki now, but also says that a tokmor is a magician’s headdress.)

  12. Avatar AnonyMouse says:

    I think the book is trying to tell us something. The last few choices have involved jumping off of the ship. And while I would like to continue the lame fight that was presented to us, I think it’s time to head back to one of our ships.

  13. Avatar sean from edwards says:

    I say go back to an allied ship and have them turn their bows, spears, etc… on the wizard, that or just yell my favorite phrase, “Ramming Speed!!!”

  14. Avatar Bael says:

    What, exactly, would be ironic about our death? I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means.