Awkward moments for Lando

(From "Weird Comics" number 9, 1941.)

13 Responses to Awkward moments for Lando

  1. “Weird Comics”. They got that right.

  2. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    “This deal is getting worse all the time.”

  3. Vader will also be making him ride a unicycle and calling himself ‘Mary’ later on.

  4. Idiots! The cloud city is evporating, and they are standing on the clouds, so they yell Hooray!

  5. Avatar GtaMythMaster43

    At least it’s not Cloudsdale.

    This comic piece reminds me of this song. [I need help]
    Hope it’s okay to post the link, don’t want to spam.

  6. Avatar GtaMythMaster43

    Oh and for some reason, this made me laugh really hard.
    It’s just so….random?

  7. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    Technically, it wasn’t Cloud City *until* it evaporated.

    Before that, it was the Lando Lakes.

  8. …Darth Vader you are an Asshole.

  9. @Nick Hentschel, that made me lol.

  10. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    Don’t try to butter me up. 😉

  11. Avatar GtaMythMaster43

    You clever fellow you.

  12. Avatar GtaMythMaster43

    Oh and Jeff, it won’t load my saves, why? Is it just me?
    I tried using my temps and I can’t.

  13. I think they’re cheering because they finally found the only woman…and she doesn’t look very happy about it. Time for a cold, smooth Colt 45!