Super heroes make lousy handymen

(From "Weird Comics" number 9, 1941.)

12 Responses to Super heroes make lousy handymen

  1. Indeed they do

  2. Meh. He’s no Samson.

  3. By his insignia, I’m going to assume that this is Otherway Guy.

  4. I think he is a Jedy, because he use the force to enter the door.

  5. @Dan Gonzalez:
    Indeed he’s not. The door was left standing. As was the wall it’s in.

  6. You know, that’s a really strange angle he’s holding his sword at…

  7. Well, I assume it’s a sword not a lightsaber :S

  8. @Kaylin88100 No.6: That’s why they call him Otherway Guy. That’s also why he fixed the door by breaking it.

  9. This is actually Dart – a gladiator given a cape of flight by Vucan and wakes up in modern times

    I think he’s just taking his future-shock out on doors… good think Steve Rodgers never had that problem

  10. Why is the arrow on his chest pointing to his shoulder? Is he the Amazing Shoulder-Man?

  11. At least he’s better than Samson. These people still have a house, so that’s a plus.

  12. If he was Samson he’d already be inside…. after having gone through the wall rather than bother with the door like this guy is at least doing.