Caption Contest 109 Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered Caption Contest 109! We had some great submissions, including this selection of Finalists:

  • TopHat: You’re the one who wanted to meet in ‘Stinky’s Bar’.
  • Twiggyseed: Are you gonna join our gang of horrible neckwear or not?
  • Dan: “They should really start handing out Right Guard at these Comicons.”
  • Watson Bradshaw: Sorry, Willie Nelson scented candles seemed to be a good idea.
  • sean from edwards: Then maybe the sewage treatment plant wasn’t the best place for a wine tasting.
  • TheNate: “You can’t unring the Taco Bell.”
  • TheNate: That’s how it works here. I toot, he shoots.
  • Joel: “Hey, when you called the assassin’s guild you asked or some one silent but deadly.”

Those are all a hoot, but ultimately I decided to go with three-time Caption Contest Winner, TheNate, for a clever and completely appropriate take on a classic saying:

Congratulations to TheNate and all of our Finalists!

7 Responses to Caption Contest 109 Winners!

  1. Avatar Trekkie says:

    Congrats TheNate!
    Good entries all around.

  2. Congrats, TheNate… and I’ll stick with the empanadas from now on. ;p

  3. Avatar Dan says:

    Good Job, TheNate!

  4. Avatar TheNate says:

    Thanks, everyone. I submitted my prize request – if it works out, we’ll get a new companion character.

  5. Avatar sean from edwards says:

    Congrats TheNate

  6. Avatar Kaylin88100 says:

    Oooh…what are we getting, what are we GETTING????