FNF3, Consolation Round 2: Energy Blasters

As you can see, there are some fantastic Energy Blasters whose teams unfortunately did not make it into the top 16. But never fear, you can still see and vote for your favorites! No stories in the consolation rounds due to time and space constraints, but the images speak for themselves.

Good luck everyone! You can vote for your top five, but only once. Click on an image to see it at its largest size.

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24 Responses to FNF3, Consolation Round 2: Energy Blasters

  1. VonMalcolm says:

    My Fave Energy Blasters are actually in the Consolation Round: but there’s too many of them: I need fifteen votes! It’s going to be tough to pare down to five.

  2. VonMalcolm says:

    My Top 8:

    Supernova (my Fave Energy Blaster)
    Dark Angel (of my Fave Team so far -by appearance)
    Pine Pentalpha

  3. Tarkabarka says:

    Guys i usually don’t wrote whose my favourite, because i don’t want to insult anyone with my opinion. I only tell one thing everyone make great jobs, a lot of fantastic image i see. Good luck for the contestant in this round.

  4. Myro says:

    Here was my story entry for Fallout:
    Energy Blaster: Fallout
    Former nuclear physicist and nuclear engineer, Fallout was the victim of a nuclear meltdown that eventually gave her the powers she now possesses. Capable of emitting various kinds of radiation across the spectrum, the only thing hotter than her Gamma blast is her white hot rage against the world. Complete Story Link

  5. Gero says:

    Once again, here’s the Description of my guy:
    Energy Blaster: Fuschia
    Bio: Fuschia is the heavy weapons expert of the team, and wears a special suit capable of generating massive quantities of plasma energy. He can then form the energy into various weaponry, including explosives, heavy artillery, and even melee weapons, all with the ability to blast or slash through any obsticles.

    Also @VonMalcolm 1: The further along the contest goes, the more good etries there’ll be in the consolation rounds, since the guys that won the earlier rounds get added in when they lose…

  6. Frevoli says:

    Hmm I don’t think my image fully speaks for itself – doesn’t show why a bird is on a keyboard

    So let me explain:

    Puppet maker Alan Hale took his super hero name from his profession. He transforms into the Puppeteer whenever Raven, his talking bald eagle (however everyone including Raven refers to him as a raven), plays Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony on a magic pipe organ in the back of Alan’s puppet shop. Like his WW2 predecessor V Man, Alan has control over “V-beams” – granting him strength and flight. He can also channel the V beams into energy blasts.

    Not having had powers for very long, Alan found it easy to readjust to normal life. That is until a mob broke his store window and started a fire. He managed to transform before the fire reached the pipe organ, and extinguish the blaze. The Puppeteer proceeded to dealt with the chaos. Together with Skyman and Starr Flag, he managed to save the city. Although since heroes were still banned, they were placed into military custody.

    You see why I just had to put him into my team of golden agers:
    – his name has nothing to do with his powers, but his civilian job (he’s also called Captain V, which although it makes more sense I prefer puppeteer)
    – I’ve toned it down a bit, but he’s dressed as a flag… for no disernable reason other than the artist liked the look
    – do I even need to mention how ridiculous the origin is? Talking Eagle called Raven? Plays Beethoven’s 5th on a magic organ? (although – V is latin for 5, and …- is morse code for V as well as being the first 4 notes of Bethovens 5th)

    So yeah – that’s the full story

  7. Gero says:

    @Frevoli 6: I think a bird on a keyboard is completely self-explanatory, but thanks for the description anyways…;)

  8. Gene says:

    The Young Mutants exist in a world where most of the superhuman population has been exterminated, leaving few super powered beings behind. Mutants are hunted and dealt with as they are discovered. Most are quietly disappeared by Homeland security as potential terrorist threats.

    The Young Mutants are second generation heroes, children of the Atom, second generation X-men…..

    Shadowrunner – Son of Wolverine and Dazzler. Shadowrunner inherited some of his father’s regenerative and enhanced sense abilities, and the ability to manipulate and project energy. Though where as his mother had control over light, her son controlled shadows. He could emit, manipulate, and even solidify them to form barriers, weapons, and tools as needed.

  9. Phatchick says:

    Carnelian, aka Carrie Masonis the team pyro expert, with an uncanny ability to control fire and explosive effects. Partly because she’s a pyrokenetic able to summon and control flames with a thought.

  10. Hyperanthropos says:

    Here is my Character’s Bios. I hope he does better than Agent Kanahele

    Agent Donner
    Agent Mark Anthony Donner; born and raised near Houston, Texas. His father worked as a farmhand on a ranch. Trying to escape his lower class life, Mark studied at school, enlisted in the army during WWII and became a sniper. Later he joined the FBI. His ambition payed off, for his talents were recognized and he was made team leader of “The Scouts.” He is a honorable man with a no-nonsense attitude. However he can be also very compassionate.
    Having hunted rabbits and coyotes since he was nine, Agent Donner can master any long range weapon from a rifle to a grenade launcher, and he has a perfect shot. Or as he says: “Ah can shoot with it, ah can ‘it with it”

  11. Rozenstal says:

    WatsonBradshaw – Navigator Roger “Jolly” Reynolds of “The Hydronauts”
    Trekkie – Firebolt of “The Defenders”
    Myro – Fallout of “New World Order”
    Imp – Rocket Girl of “The Fighting Five”
    Vampyrist – Supernova of “The Exemplars”

  12. Surprised that King finished so high in the Martial Artist Consolation Round. Maybe he will eat Nibin for being last in the Round-Robin Opener.

    As with the Robin Hood in Space FNF, I am having fun. I enjoy all the originality of character design and stories. I don’t care about the votes. I love the sharing and contribution. Keep it up, kitties and cats.

    Heretic is one of my favorite characters. Not much on design, but she fits well into my D&D campaign (His Eyes… His Damning Eyes):


  13. Kaylin88100 says:

    @The Atomic Punk (12): Love the effect on the insignia, like it’s slightly worn away! That’s genius! 🙂

  14. MartianBlue says:

    Let me start out by saying there was instnatly 12 I wanted to vote for. After much agonizingly I couldn’t decide without turning to previous entrants and finally have broken it down to just 5. Although I would have liked to vote for all 12

    My Votes
    Rocket Girl -“The Fighting Five”(imp)
    Hornet -“Hive Force”(borntobealoser)
    Puppeteer -“V Group”(frevoli)
    Super Nova -“Exemplars”(vampyrist)
    Fuschia -“Color Corps”(gero)

    My Favorite
    Super Nova -“Exemplars”(vampyrist)

    Others worth Mention include, but are not limited to
    Jason Lee -“The Agents”(jo duggan)
    Fallout -“New World Order”(myro)
    Agent Donner -“The Scouts”(hyperanthropos)
    Roger “Jolly” Reynolds -“The Hydronauts”(watson bradshaw)
    Chiad -“Guardians of The Wildwood”(kaylin88100)

  15. Vampyrist says:

    The Five I voted for are as follows:

    Supernova- me: He was my favorite of my 5 I entered and I’m really proud of how he turned out.

    Fallout- Myro: She is fantastic. Overall, it is a great image and the fallen hero/villain is a great touch.

    Puppeteer- Frevoli: The nonstandard line colors and the energy effect work great with each other to create a very striking image

    Roger “Jolly” Reynolds- Watson Bradshaw: There’s something about the character that I love. He also seems to have a lot of personality, which is always a good thing.

    Professor Cook-Superfan1: The energy effects are amazing

    The ones I wish I had more votes for:

    Hornet- Borntobealoser
    Fuchsia- Gero
    Rocketgirl- The Imp
    Agent Donner- Hyperanthropos
    Firebolt- Trekkie

  16. headlessgeneral says:

    Nice job everybody, and good luck!

    The five I voted for(in no particular order):

    Skybandit – Pine Pentalpha of “Five Stars”
    Myro – Fallout of “New World Order”
    Vampyrist – Supernova of “The Exemplars”
    Trekkie – Firebolt of “The Defenders”
    WatsonBradshaw – Navigator Roger “Jolly” Reynolds of “The Hydronauts”

    @Skybandit – I’ve tried making a full body armor many times but could never make one that I really like. I really like yours. I’ve been practicing getting convincing highlighting on armors and metals and was wondering if i could use your character to practice on a full character? Let me know and I’ll post the finished product if you want.

  17. Skybandit says:

    @headlessgeneral; Go for it, dude. That’s not all “armor” on my guy, I grafted mecha arms & legs on him and modified the 1930’s diving helmet for the zombie face to peek out of. Don’t know how you’re gonna get that pic onto HM, but have fun.

  18. headlessgeneral says:

    @Skybandit; I didn’t mean I was gonna use your actual pic(I’d have no idea how to do that either), I actually redid him in HM. And here he is. Hope you like.


  19. Alphaalpharomeo says:

    Wish more peope liked mine

  20. @Alphaalpharomeo(19): Chin up! I remember that you knocked me out of the Robin Hood FNF by one vote! ;9

    Believe me, I wanted to vote for more than five consolation entries.

    @Kaylin88100(13): Thank you. The battle-damaged armor is my favorite part of the design.

  21. hyperanthropos says:

    @Vampyrist I like your character “Supernova.” He looks alive and full of energy, because he is shown in a moment of motion. How did you create the glow?

  22. Vampyrist says:

    @Hyperanthropos: Thanks and the answer is gradients, lots and lots of gradients in either yellow, orange or white overlapping with each other.

  23. hyperanthropos says:

    @Vampyrist: Thank you!

  24. Skybandit says:

    Dude! Wish I had the patience to do the shading like that, but this is a comic-book hero generator, and I make’em like comic books. Well done!