I’ll take “Disturbing hip-thrusts” for $1000, Alex

(From "Fantastic Comics" number 16, 1941.)

18 Responses to I’ll take “Disturbing hip-thrusts” for $1000, Alex

  1. Dear god! not so close to the kiddies you crazy muscle man!

  2. Jeff, you have to use this picture on here somewhere:

    It’s “art” by Erwin Wurm, who was apparently channeling Samson when he made it…

  3. That’s pure Samson win, Gero, thanks! I like to think the buildings are all getting together to plot revenge on him when he comes within sight.

  4. Err…Jeff, I just lost all my saves. AGAIN.

  5. Kaylin, all I can say is, make sure you have image and text backups. I can’t control what the browsers are doing with the Flash cookies in the latest releases.

  6. OK, just re-remade all my basic models. AND saved them in text files. I’m good to go 🙂

  7. Note to self: avoid opening Heromachine when drinking coffee. That’s downright disturbing!

  8. What’s most disturbing is that this isn’t a case of “Whoops! Didn’t know your face was there.” Going by Samson’s creeper face, this is a case of “Hey kid, step into my unmarked, windowless horse-drawn van.”

  9. Someone call social services.

  10. Okay, so that text in the picture says “Samson smashes the warlike dictators”. But whatever it is he’s holding above his head doesn’t look like a dictator. Unless he’s under the impression that his sidekick is a “warlike dictator”.

    Also, to add to the disturbing implications, it looks a bit like Samson’s winking as well.

  11. The lack of nipples on these male figures is just weird.

  12. I’m a little worried for David. I think smashing buildings might be an aphrodisiac for Samson.

    “Hey, David. Now that I’ve reduced this place to rubble, you know what I like to do afterwards?”
    “Samson, no!”

    And with that, I’ve stepped over the line into completely inappropriate.

  13. Wrist-mounted blasters.

  14. It’s images like this that let the Comics Code Authority in in the ’50s. Man, this issue and Batman #84 must have been the big ones on Wertham’s mind when he wrote his book. But then he was a psychiatrist and you know one of the old jokes about psychiatrists.

  15. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    Does anyone else see the wolf’s face in Samson’s crotch?

  16. Wow if you thought Batman and Robin had something weird going on at least they weren’t wearing furry underwear and I don’t think Robin EVER stared longinly into Batman’s crotch!

  17. What is that he’s lifting? Is that a log? Is Samson slinging around lumber? If that isn’t Freudian I don’t know what is.

  18. No, no, Dan, it’s a bear.