I assume this was BEFORE the OJ trial …

(From "Wonderworld Comics" number 4, 1939.)

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  1. Dr. Fung and the Mystery of the Spider-Bat!

  2. Okay, it gave me a 404 when I tried to post, and then when I tried to re-post the same comment, it said that it was a repost and wouldn’t be posted, but the first one still never showed up. This is confusing…

  3. Avatar William A. Peterson

    That heappened to me, too, a few days ago…

  4. When I first glanced at that panel, I read it as ‘Dr Fling’ at first. It’s that type of writing they use.

    @Gero: So that’s what it is! I thought it was just a random blue blob. Spider-bat makes much more sense.

  5. Oh, hey, my first comment returned from the other dimension!

  6. I don’t get the setup, can someone clue me in? Jeff?

  7. I’m glad Brad said it first, don’t get it…..

  8. Fung was the judge from the oj trial. There is awfully FUNGY about this Fung guy!

  9. Fung was a forensic scientist for the LAPD, not the judge. He’s one of the guys O.J. accused of messing up the DNA evidence…

  10. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    the Fung defense “If the spider-bat is fat, OJ didn’t attack”

  11. Lance Ito was the judge.

  12. Well, that makes sense now, and I understand why Jeff doesn’t go for topical humor in these very much.

  13. @Trekkie 4: I read it that way too.

  14. I knew that I was only half awake when I wrote that. Besides I get those two messed up all the time.