Caption Contest 103: ATTACK!

With hearty thanks once again to Glenn3's "Say What? Pictures", your challenge this week is to come up with the best replacement dialog for this comics panel:

The best entry (as judged by yours truly) wins the author's choice of either any item they like or any portrait to be included in HeroMachine 3′s final release, or a custom black and white “Sketch of the Day” style illustration (you pick the subject, I draw it however I like).

All entries must be left as a comment (or comments) to this post. Keep ‘em clean (appropriate for a late-night broadcast TV show), but most importantly, keep ‘em funny!

This week we have a cap of no more than five (5) entries per person, so make 'em your best!

111 Responses to Caption Contest 103: ATTACK!

  1. Avatar Hammerknight

    “The humans are attacking, the humans are attacking.”
    “Most get off of this human island amusement park.”
    “Yoo Dino!”

  2. Avatar Hammerknight

    “Pesty humans”
    “Who’s your Gator?”

  3. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    1. Evolve your way out of a body-bag mammals!

    2. The Creationists were right, and you’re all going to hell.

    3. Michael Bay’s Jurassic Park Rocks!


  5. “get to the chopper”

  6. Avatar Jordan_Xord

    1. Read my lips; I AM NOT EXTINCT!
    2. Here´s some lead and iron for your primitive mammal diet!
    3. Watch Out! Reptiles Strike Back!

  7. Avatar Jordan_Xord

    1. Read my lips; I AM NOT EXTINCT!
    2. Here´s some iron and lead for your primitive mammal diet!

  8. “Say hello to my little arms!!”


  10. Avatar Sutter_Kaine


  11. Avatar Sutter_Kaine

    2) Top o’ the food chain, ma!

  12. Avatar Sutter_Kaine

    3) I told you Primate Park was a bad idea!!!

  13. Avatar Sutter_Kaine

    4) When you meet God tell ‘im Dino sent you!!!

  14. Avatar Sutter_Kaine

    5) Kill ’em all, let Godzilla sort ’em out!

  15. 1: Allah akbar!
    2: Get away from my eggs!
    3: Found this on Dinosaur Island in WWII!
    4: Take THAT, meteor!
    5: Is this the end of Dino?

  16. “Needing thumbs my ass”
    “I’m a raptor with a machine gun, need I say more?”
    “Hey Darwin, you talkin to me?”

  17. I need backup! Call in the Dinomarines!

  18. Not a quote, but Woot! It’s Doctor Dinosaur from Atomic Robo. 🙂

  19. Thank you Dr from Jurassic park movies for making me smart enough to open doors and shoot automatic rifles.

  20. 1. Do it! Bomb ’em forward to the Stone Age!
    2. Saura! Saura! Saura!

  21. “This’ll teach you not to fuel your cars with our remains!”

  22. I am a raptor with an AK, Your argument is invalid

    get your hands off me you dirty ape

  23. 1. Raptor Jesus is way better than Human Jesus!

    2. It’s the Veloci-Rapture!

    3. Screw you, Flintstones! Nobody rides me!

    4. Now that’s what I call a Terror-Saur!
    (As in, pterosaurs, but a crappy pun)

    5. Intelligent Design, my ass!!

  24. “Oh my Dino-God, it’s a Homosapien! How is that even possible!”

  25. “You love me? Well I sure as hell don’t love you!”

    “Enough with all the chatta!”

    “Who you calling a dinosaur?!”

    “I learned this from playing HALO”


  26. “Take THAT rock!”

  27. 1. “Never sneak up on me when my eyes are dialated!”

    2. “Vamo detona essa p*rra!” (Sepultura reference!)

    3. “Why the hairy face?”

    4. “Time to get Cretaceous on your …!”

    5. “Cold blood and hot lead, baby!”

  28. 1.Look Ma! No thumbs!
    2.Why am I holding a gun?
    3.DIE, HUMANS, DIE!!!
    4.Lets see G.I. Joe pull THIS one off!
    5.Who ya gonna call? MANBUSTERS!


  30. 1.Im’ running low on teeth!

    2.I cant release the trigger!

    3.Uhyuhuhuhyuhuhuhyuhuhuh(imagine the little guy vibrating)

    4.Darwin was right!

    5.Hope you got dino insurance b****es!

  31. “I’ll save you Axe Cop!”

  32. “Now you see why they call me a Die-nosaur”

    “We’re back”

    “You humans are only superior in one aspect, dying”

    That last one was a Who reference, I just ahd to use it.

  33. Thought of another one.

    “I love you, you love me. We’re all one big family.”

  34. “Life always finds a way? Well, bullets too!!!”

    “For the last time, I’m not a raptor, I’m a DEINONYCHUS”

    “Sorry baby, not my fault if I’m cold blooded!”

    “Yep, I’m pretty fly for a fossile!”

    “Get away from my eggs, bitch!”

  35. “I don’t need to digivolve to kill you”

  36. sorry i didn’t notice the 5 entry cap.


  38. “This here is eleven pounds of straight up, H-E-spewing dee-vine intervention! If God is love, then you can call me Cupid!”

  39. Avatar Vekta-Stahl

    “Extinction my A$$”

  40. I’m not doing your dirty work anymore Mr. Flintstone, now you die!

  41. 1. That’s right, b****es! Run! Run for your life!
    2. Say hello to my little friend!
    3. Extinct, my a**! I’m just evolving rapidly!
    4. I told you I like my meat WELL DONE!
    5. And here’s one to grow on!


  43. First they make fire, then this! Those primates are setting up their DOOM!

  44. “This is! so! AWESOME!”


  46. 1.”Are you kidding? YOU’RE NOT DRIVING THAT JEEP HERE!”

    2.”B**** please~! Mah Sh**’s custom~!”

  47. Avatar Ghostdog1521

    “I survived the Rapture!”

  48. Avatar Joachim de Ravenbel

    1. Keep coming, keep coming!
    2. Great gift dad, but why must the targets move?

  49. Avatar Ghostdog1521

    “All right monkeys you want a war, you got a war.”

  50. “Who is the biggest predator on the island, now, T-Rex!?”

  51. I love the smell of palm trees in the morning
    I love it when a plan comes together!
    Barney – this is for all the other dinos
    Wa-hoo I love the SCA baby!
    Get that stinking Poké ball away from me

  52. 1. “This is what you hairless monkeys get for saying we evolved into BIRDS!”

  53. 1. We knew that the cake was a lie all along!
    2. The cake was a lie?
    3. I wanna play with your dead bodies.
    4. Big shiny bullets, away!
    5. Blargh!

  54. H.R. Pufnstuf this up your ASS!

  55. Avatar Jack Zelger

    1. “Eat lead, Goldblum!!!”
    2. “I’ve had ENOUGH of these friggin’ time travelers!”

  56. Avatar Jack Zelger

    3. “I got yer chaos theory right here!”
    4. “It’s not ‘chow-dair’. It’s… CHATTA CHATTA CHATTA”

  57. “I’m coming Joseph Mazzello, you thought the Pacific would save your ass!!!”

  58. Avatar Jack Zelger

    5. “We’re back, you paleontologist bastards!”

  59. Dammit! I asked for a scatta gun, not a chatta gun!

  60. “Dinosaurs will die out! Ahaha! Dinosaurs will die out!”

  61. Avatar MartianBlue

    1.LeRooaaarrrr jeannkinnsss!
    2.This threat could whip out all dinosaurs on earth!
    3.You did me wrong, billy! That was my brand new Stetson hat. (Stagger Lee-Lloyd Price reference)
    4.They shot my hair! (Spaceballs reference)
    5.Fuzzy Wuzzy [WAS] a bear!

  62. Avatar MartianBlue

    I wan’t to replace my number 3

    3.Yabba-Dabba Do, bitch!

  63. Avatar Sean From Edwards

    1: Quit Calling Me YOSHI!!!
    2: This is for fossil fuels!!!
    3: I’m why the other dinosaurs went extint.

  64. Die you worthless humans.

    We had EVOLVE into Killing Human Machine a.k.a KHM


    DIE DIE DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. 1) Look at my Twitter Gun.
    2)Are guns supposed to make this noise?
    3)I can shoot AND bite your F*****g head off!

  66. 1. Guns don’t kill dinosaurs, giant meteorites do!

    2. Just like a mammal, bringing a spear to a gun fight!

    3. You can have my gun when my skeleton is onn display in some museum!

  67. 4. HARRY POTTER! This is for breaking “Jurassic Park’s” opening day record, bitch!

  68. Say roar to my little friend!

  69. Welcome to Kick Yourassick Park!

  70. 1) How’s THIS for Intelligent Design?

    2) Eat lead death, Sauropods!

    3) I’ll give you “stupid little arms”….

    4) Y’know, in a few million years this is gonna make some weird fossils…

    5) I can’t spell paleontology, but I can sure as hell shoot straight!

  71. Of course I’m gonna shoot you in cold blood! I’m a REPTILE.

  72. hope the covenant will hire me for this

  73. Who’s extinct NOW MOFO!!!

  74. Long arms are highly overrated!!

  75. “So, THAT’S how you turn it on…”

  76. Avatar DefectReject

    “Suck it Laura Croft!”

  77. We’re going to need another Timmy!

  78. How you liking your dino-hunting safari NOW?

  79. Avatar GtaMythMaster43

    1: “You’ll never deffeat me and my dinosaur minions BatMan!”
    2: “Raptor Jesus returns, with guns!!!”

  80. THIS.. IS.. RAPTAAAAAHHH….!!!!

  81. @MartianBlue: Awesome Lloyd Price reference! I’m on a 1950s kick right now. So righteous.

    Loving these captions. How can you not go wrong with a dinosaur and a machine gun? Unless you’re on the other end of the barrel.

  82. This is why they call me Tony Mon-Raptor

  83. “I hope this will keep us from being extinct”

  84. I hope this will keep us from being extinct

  85. Who am I? I’m Spielberg’s worst nightmare!

  86. My scientific name is Dukus Nukemus!

  87. “I said stop chattering!”

  88. 1. AHHHHHHHH……oh its just a fly.


    3. HAHAHAHAHAHA this seemed more fun in my mind….

  89. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    “Oh no you didn’t just call me Dino. No you didn’t!”

  90. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    “Oh no you didn’t just call me Barney. No you didn’t!”

  91. “My glasses! I can’t see without my glasses!”
    “What killed the dinosaurs? A raptor with a gun!”
    “I will eat your flesh with a fork of led!”
    “Get this big walking carpet out of my way”
    “Oh, no, it wasn’t the machine gun. It was Beauty killed the Beast”

  92. Avatar Danny Beaty

    Good luck everyone!

    1. I’m Chatta Kathy, want to play?

    2. Oh you chatta chatta bang bang, chatta chatta bang bang we love you!

    3. Enough Jurassic Park jokes already!

    4. That was my egg you ate!

    5. You kids get off my lawn!

  93. GET TO THE CHOPPPAAAAAA! Oh wait, wrong movie.

  94. Avatar Xavierking5

    Is that a Salmon I see?

  95. “We learned more than just opening doors motherfu**ers!!!”

    “Too short for the Jurassic park ride!? I’m IN the god dang ride!!!”

  96. I didn’t order VEGETARIAN PIZZA!

  97. “There’s two things I like to do. Chew raw meat and kick butt! And I’m all out of raw meat!”

  98. piw…pipiw…pipiw..


  100. 1) this machine gun Chatta’s as much as my teen ager.
    2) how this for chaos theory Jeff Goldblum
    3)meet my friend the viloci ratatator
    4) this is what happens when you go back in time and step on a butterfly

  101. Wow, shiny, RATATATATATA!

  102. “This is for making me look fat in Jurassic Park!”

  103. “This is for trying to put me in a pokeball!”

  104. Avatar my name is gir

    1. oh my god a muffin!i must shoot!
    2. poooew pooew pooew!i must say this when i shoot a gun!
    3. ha ha ha!theese humans have nothing on dinosaurs that are smart!ha ha ha!
    4. GIR!come to zim.
    5. geeze!this gun is way too much for my little arms!even thaugh my arms are pretty big for a raptor.

  105. “Don’t mind me. Just in a killin mood is all.”

  106. “That’s right, pansies! We evolved into the NRA!”

  107. “I let my gun do all my talkin. And right now it’s a little chatterbox.”

  108. alphaalpharomeo alphaalpharomeo

    1) Bet you were expecting me to say something witty before I killed you. Nope you get to die humerously

    2)Damn Vampire dinosaurs, wish my arms were long enough to just stake you

    3)I said I wanted my eggs over easy.

    4)Who’s the extinct one now.

    5) Die you dumb plumbers

  109. “Tombstones! Meet the Tombstones!”

  110. Avatar jojo_n_friendz

    1.”What’s that horrible smell!?…Oh yea, EXTINCTION!!!
    2.”Hey Toronto…consider this my resignation!

  111. OK folks, this one’s closed and judged. Thanks for all the entries!