HM3: The Fat Tattooed Mage Gloves of DOOM!

I've just uploaded several new items to HeroMachine 3, namely:

The first four items (the whole top row and the first one on the second row) are the prize for xxXBladeIIXx winning Character Contest 62. He wanted a "Mage glove". One was the first attempt, which neither of us was happy with, and the other is my redo, which I liked a lot -- spikier and cooler looking. Both hand portions are available in HandRight-Standard, while the upper parts are in GlovesRight/Left-Standard. While I was in there, I fixed the glitch with the Left boxing glove item, which was going to the wrong one when clicked.

The next one is a generic obese head in HeadMale-Standard.

Finally is the first of a pair of matched eye tattoos in Eyes-Standard, by dbalde dblade. The top part is one color and the bottom part the other, so you can get some neat effects. Thanks for that one, dblade!

32 Responses to HM3: The Fat Tattooed Mage Gloves of DOOM!

  1. Avatar demonhunter

    i know this may sound weird, but i am excited about the fat head! lol

  2. Is it just my imagination, or does that glove in the lower left corner have teeth on the knuckles?

  3. All are great, but I’m not sure about the coloring on the obese head. Why is there a big shadow or bright spot in the middle of the face?

  4. I can fill that in if you prefer, AMS.

  5. now the witch king of angmar is that much easier

  6. Awesome glove! Awesome fat head!

    But who is this dbalde guy? 🙂

  7. I would have to agree about the shape in the middle of the face. Filling it in would be good.

    Thanks, Jeff. Fat head is still awesome!

  8. Ohmigosh, so sorry dblade! I’ve had finger dyslexia all day :-/

  9. Also, the head is now fixed, with color2 filled in.

  10. not seeing the hand portion of the mage glove, and the
    the tattoo

  11. Aaron, I just double-checked, and they’re present. You probably need to clear the cache in your browser.

  12. And for the record I think both gloves are really cool. I’m glad you were dissatisfied with the first round since now we have twice the cool assets.

  13. Avatar Darth_Neko

    …..Those gloves are amazing! Fantastic work Jeff!! 😀

  14. @Jeff Hebert (8): That’s okay, Jeff. I just thought you knew I was a baldy too. 🙂

  15. The dark elf gauntlets are going to look pretty plain next to these ornate beauties. Thanks a lot, Jeff! 🙂

  16. Amazing!! Thank you very much!

  17. I just noticed a problem in the body:male standard. In the separate skeleton pieces, there isn’t a piece for the top portion of the arm. Instead, there are two separate items that, when clicked, give you the bottom portion. So as it stands now, you can’t make an entire skeleton from just the pieces, you have to use the pre-assembled one…

  18. Awsome additions guys thanks alot, and I just realized something, is that the tattoo from hangover 2 haha?

  19. Anarchangel Anarchangel

    Mage gloves. So awesome I’m now searching the internet to find a real pair.

  20. Very nice. I like the tatoo, i think i can use it often.

  21. wow

  22. abominal401 abominal401


  23. Those gloves are badass!
    The fathead is good, too… Kingpin, Blob… I can do up a villain (or even an unfortunate hero) like that in my supers game. 🙂

  24. Avatar xXBladeXIIXx

    Thanks again for the gloves, they really turned out looking amazing!

  25. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Nicely done! I’m with dblade (12). Glad you didn’t like the first gauntlet. Quite frankly I think they are both great. Just for different applications is ass.

    Is it just me or could that head also pass for a knee?

  26. @MMI (25) now that you mention it, that head could indeed pass as a knee for a bent leg.

  27. Avatar McKnight57

    Nice stuff, already have uses for both sets of gloves and gauntlets, as well as the tattoos.

    Here’s the current McKnight, my main hero.

    And here’s Remus, the evil (like burn down a church just for kicks evil) brother of Romulus.

  28. hey jeff, im not sure if you posted this already but how many saves do we have now i remember it used to be only 20 or something but now it seems like i can save double that if not more

  29. CKnap, you can have as many saved characters as you like. There’s something like 20 undo levels or so, if that’s what you mean.

  30. Am I want something? Monster body parts especially new mermaid legs 🙂

  31. Avatar GtaMythMaster43

    The gloves….my God, how I have waited for gloves like those to be placed in HM3.
    I love these new additions Jeff.

  32. I really like these, I have been puttin gsome of them to use already. Good idea Kaldath on the knee!