Character Contest 64 Prize – Stegosaurus!

I just posted Atomic Punk's prize for winning Character Contest 64 to Companion-Standard in HeroMachine 3:

Next up is probably Tool's "gun blade".

Hope you enjoy the dinosaur!

21 Responses to Character Contest 64 Prize – Stegosaurus!

  1. Avatar Sutter_Kaine


  2. Steg-tacular!

  3. Steg-o-rific!

  4. Steg-pendous!

  5. Stego- … i donΒ΄t know. Steg-o-dino?
    Very good work.

  6. Steg-ering!

    ok, that last one was a stretch… I’m all Steg’d out. πŸ˜€

  7. Dude, I want to see if I can HeroMachine a guy into riding this beast. That would be truly epic.

  8. Ya know, if this is what we’re gonna focus on. It’s for the best that they died out.

  9. Nice thagomizer. Yes, that’s the correct word.

  10. Worf (10): As a starting blueprint, yes, that’s exactly what I’m going for.

  11. Worf (10): I can hear the nut crunch on a sudden stop from here. Ya might want some paddin’ in front there bro.

  12. @McKnight57(12): YouΒ΄re welcome to try to make a saddle in that position…

    @Myro(11): Not a blueprint anymore… Here’s a more finished picture:

  13. abominal401 abominal401


  14. Worf (14): Sweet! I love it.

  15. @Myro(16): Thank you sir. I’m finally getting the hang of making a 3/4 face. Did you like the Steg’s red eyes?

  16. “Anachronistic Caveman wish he thought to ride sidesaddle!”

  17. First, thank you Jeff! I love how the Stegosaurus is bold, determined, marching to his own beat! Just so much awesome, it makes me purr!

    And Worf!… I thought a dinosaur as companion would be interesting. Your pose takes this to an alternate universe of more… yes, awesome!

    Love, and “squishies.”

  18. @the Atomic Punk(19): I have to thank you for the compliment and specially for asking for the Stegosaurus to begin with. And thanks again to Myro for the idea. I wouldn’t have done it without him mentioning it. And finally thanks to Jeff for giving us that beautiful dino.

    (wow, does that sound like an acceptance speech or what?) πŸ˜‰

  19. All we need now is a T.rex